I'm waiting for a substantial role, no compromise

Payal Rajput reflects on her Mangalavaram legacy and boldly sets sight on a role in Kantara Chapter 1

Payal Rajput, acclaimed for her standout role in Mangalavaram, recently made headlines by expressing her interest in joining actor-director Rishab Shetty’s upcoming film, Kantara Chapter 1. In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, she candidly discussed her career choices, the impact of social media, and her unique approach to securing roles.

Your tweet about wanting a role in Kantara Chapter 1 went viral. Any reservations about seeking work on social media?

No reservations at all. I am eager for a remarkable role and willing to audition. The concept of Kantara intrigued me, and the prospect of working with Rishabh Shetty is fantastic.

You’re using social media like Gen X job seekers…

As a job seeker in Kannada cinema, I use social media to connect with the makers of Kantara Chapter 1, following the lead of actresses like Taapsee and Neena Gupta.

Have you signed anything new in Tollywood?

While I am receiving numerous offers, I am being patient. Following the success of Mangalavaram, I am waiting for a substantial role that matches the hype. I’d prefer six months of inactivity over compromising my Telugu cinema prospects with a poorly-etched role.

You are also doing Punjabi movies?

My mother tongue being Punjabi, I occasionally enjoy exploring varied roles in Punjabi movies. Daddy O Daddy, my next Punjabi film, features a comic-centric role — a delightful contrast to my intense character in Mangalavaram. Embracing diverse roles brings me joy.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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