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South commercial directors are more connected to the masses'

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Published on: April 13, 2022 | Updated on: April 13, 2022

Ram Gopal Varma explains why recent Tollywood films have invaded Bollywood with a bang

 Director/Producer Ram Gopal Varma. (DC)

Director/Producer Ram Gopal Varma. (DC)

Salman Khan’s recent comment about how Tollywood films are running well in Bollywood, but down South Hindi films are not, has sparked a great deal of discussion. Director/Producer Ram Gopal Varma comments on the situation:  

It’s about the film, not the language

RGV: First of all, it is not correct to generalise about Telugu films. It is about a certain film. If SS Rajamouli had been born in Mumbai, he would have made a Hindi film. It is about Rajamouli’s film, not a Telugu film. We are in a world where every language is appreciated everywhere depending on its effectiveness.

Psychological impact

RGV: Let us say 200 Telugu films are made in a year. Of these, not more than two or three will be made in Hindi. But they have a huge psychological impact, making you wonder whether Tollywood is invading Bollywood. In reality it’s just a film or two."

Is there a dearth of good writers in Bollywood? Or are there better writers/directors in Tollywood?

RGV: I’m not sure about a dearth of writers. I think it’s the sensibility of the director that makes the difference. I don’t think it’s the writer.  Typically, south Indian commercial directors are much more connected to the masses. They don’t care about intellectuals but care for their audience. They want seeti maar dialogues with good shots and attractive background music that create hype in the theatre, and that’s what writers do. I’m talking specifically about commercial directors.

Bollywood directors will not be able to do this with the same conviction. As most Bollywood directors live between South Mumbai and Juhu, their exposure to the masses is limited compared to directors in the south.

With Tollywood films doing well here [Mumbai] and all over India, it has been proven that seeti maar dialogues are working for the south filmmakers.

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