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Ester Noronha is donning multiple hats

Published Apr 13, 2021, 6:37 am IST
Updated Apr 13, 2021, 6:37 am IST
Actress Ester Noronha is quite excited to work on multiple crafts in her film, The Vacant House
Ester Noronha
 Ester Noronha

While Ester Noronha has signed a new Telugu film which is yet to be announced, she seems to be having a blast on the sets of her upcoming Kannada-Konkani film, The Vacant House.   

The Bhimavaram Bullodu star is donning multiple hats for the Shreyas Chinga directorial. Apart from acting in it, Ester has also penned lyrics, written dialogues, designed costumes and functioned as the Associate Director for the paranormal romance-genre film.


“I am super excited that I have got the opportunity to do multiple things. During the lockdown last year I had time to brush up what I had learnt over the years,” explains the 1000 Abaddalu star, adding that since her mother-tongue is Konkani, she was able to effectively write the lyrics and dialogues. “I also want to bring the film to the Telugu audience too.”

Ester was trained in music and is a classical singer too. “I completed 8th grade in Piano in Trinity College, London, and I also learnt the guitar. I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer as well,” the actress reveals, but rues that she didn’t have much time to practice any of these arts because of work commitments.


“But I am someone who relishes multi-tasking. Also, the experience and the insights I am getting as a technician will definitely help me become a better actor. I can better understand what filmmakers are looking for in me as an actor,” she says.

“Now I feel more confident. These opportunities made me realise that I have more talents to offer than I thought,” she shares. “What better way than learning live on the sets?”

It is truly heartening to see a woman in a male-dominated section of the industry. Ask her how she feels about it, and she replies, “I feel strong,” but stresses that choices should be based on ability, and not gender.


“I feel if you have the ability to multi-task you can get things done,” she says, and asserts that she would love to continue both acting and being a technician. Ester’s mother Janet has produced two films in Konkani — Sophiya-A Dream Girl and Kandaar.

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