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Paayal Rajput to play an actress

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Published on: February 13, 2022 | Updated on: February 13, 2022

Paayal Rajput will play an actress in her next film, which is being directed by Ramesh Raparthi

Paayal Rajput

Paayal Rajput

Paayal Rajput has fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress, and now, she is to play an actress in the film. "I play an actress in the film, something I always wanted to do, so I was instantly drawn to it. Also, the audience will get to see an actress’ life behind the scenes," she reveals.

Directed by Ramesh Raparthi who earlier helmed Thank You Brother, the film is currently being shot in Hyderabad.

"I was hooked to the script; it’s not a regular one, but a series of tales that explore life," Paayal shares. According to her, the film’s producer Magunta Sharath Chandra Reddy believed she would be ideal for the role because of her expressiveness.

Paayal says she had a great time playing the part, and the role made her nostalgic. "It made me reminisce about situations in my real life in the film industry," she shares. Actors are obliged to look good on camera all the time. "But once the camera is off, we too are ordinary people and that’s the most important thing everyone tends to overlook," she says.

At times it was confusing on the sets, Paayal confesses, because she was shooting for a film within a film. "There’s a real director, and reel director. It was surreal, but it was an interesting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it," she says.
When we ask whether the film is about the rise and fall of an actress, she would only say, "Wait and watch!" Paayal recently shot for a bachelorette song in the film. "Although it is a perfect party song, it has meaningful lyrics which young girls can connect to," she shares.

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