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What's the secret of Vijayendra Prasad-Rajamouli's success?

Deccan Chronicle.| BVS Prakash

Published on: September 12, 2023 | Updated on: September 12, 2023

The duo have a team of 30 members youngsters and experienced to discuss stories



Numero Uno writer Vijayendra Prasad and director S. S. Rajamouli have turned out to be a winning combination in Tollywood. But there’s a reason behind their streak of success.

A source puts it down to the father-son duo keeping to the tradition of story discussions, which helps in looking at a script from various angles.

"They have a team of 30-odd members including boys and girls in their twenties as well as experienced persons, to discuss stories," the source tells us. "Rajamouli garu sits quietly while the team discusses various scenes, character arcs, key points in the process of making a script. On the other hand, Prasad garu participates in story discussions and also jokes and smiles when someone suggests ideas. But he keeps the discussion going with interesting counterviews. Various aspects are debated threadbare in a healthy atmosphere to come up with larger-than-life scripts," he adds.

Praising this practice, the source reveals that, "Directors Dasari Narayana Rao and K. Viswanath had such discussions with writers and fine-tuned their scripts. They didn’t mind writers questioning the logic behind scenes and were willing to correct their course if they found the objections valid."

With many films bombing due to lack of novelty in plots, Rajamouli and Vijayendra Prasad are setting an example of how to churn out blockbusters by thoroughly discussing  and preparing a bound script. Other filmmakers should take a leaf out of their book, the source says, signing off.

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