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Tollywood calling: Arbaaz Khan talks about his long break from T-town

Published Aug 12, 2016, 2:56 am IST
Updated Aug 12, 2016, 7:45 am IST
Arbaaz Khan
 Arbaaz Khan

In 2005, way before he turned director and producer,  Arbaaz Khan was busy shooting for his debut film in Tollywood. He played the role of a villain in the Chiranjeevi-starrer Jai Chiranjeeva.

Now, after a gap of 11 years, he’s back to the Telugu film industry with yet another negative role. However, this time he will be starring opposite the young Raj Tharun.

Why did he go missing from Tollywood? “I didn’t get good offers after Jai Chiranjeeva. Even though direction and production gave me due recognition, I couldn’t live up to my own expectations when acting was concerned. I also believe that since my debut in the Telugu film industry  wasn’t a hit, I didn’t receive offers as expected,” says Arbaaz, who is in the city to shoot for his upcoming film Tera Intezaar with Sunny Leone.

Talking about his Telugu film that will be directed by Vamsi Krishna, he says, “We have already shot the introduction scene and it is wonderful to work with such a young and talented director.”

Despite starring with big stars and even directing them, Arbaaz has no qualms about acting with Raj Tharun, who is very new to the film industry. “Working with a new comer is not a problem. The role I am offered is important. That said, Raj is a very good actor and I have no apprehensions working with him,” he explains.
Before Arbaaz was chosen for the project, the filmmakers had approached Govinda for the same role.

“Govinda was offered the role in the early stage  of the movie, but I am not replacing him. If Govinda would have played the role, his approach would have been very different when compared to mine. The director has reworked the character in such a way that it suits me,” says Arbaaz.

Since this is his second Telugu project, has he picked up the language? “I find it difficult. Though I have picked up a few phrases like number chepu,” he says with a laugh. Coming back to an industry after 11 long years means working in a new environment, how much has Tollywood changed since 2005?

“People have become far more professional, as time and budget play an important role. These days if it’s a three-day shoot then the cast and crew makes it a point to finish it within that time frame. Wastage of time has become minimal,” he says.

Apart from this film Arbaaz has many other films that he’s a part of. He is working with Sunny Leone in Tera Intezaar and also with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Freaky Ali.

He says, “Working with Sunny feels great. She is a wonderful woman and is hardworking. Working with Nawaz was amazing as well. We have managed to become good friends off-screen too. The trailer has got a good response and I am looking forward to the film’s success.”



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