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Nothing childish about Manjima Mohan’s ideas

Published Jun 12, 2021, 10:07 pm IST
Updated Jun 12, 2021, 10:07 pm IST
Manjima Mohan
 Manjima Mohan

Most of the actresses’ social media posts are directed at educating and empowering students and teachers and making schools a safer place. Manjima, who has been supporting #thetransfomindproject by Onelife, understands how, especially with a majority of educational institutions remaining closed because of the pandemic, children may find it difficult to cope with education. Thus, she believes a school mental health programme is absolutely necessary.

According to Manjima, mental health problems are common and often develop during childhood and adolescence. “They can be more easily addressed at a younger age and early detection awareness and assessments can help improve resilience and children’s ability to succeed in school and in life,” she says.

The Kalathil Santhippom actress, who recently undertook counselling for some medical issues, remembers the counsellor asking her to recall her childhood.
“That’s when I realised problems (in adult life) often stem in one’s childhood,” says Manjima, recalling how she used to be scared of closed spaces as a child.

“That fear had bottled up within, eventually transforming into something else.” So when one of her friends started a programme on mental health for kids, she connected to the idea immediately and began endorsing it.