Salaar collections to fall short in Vizag?

If industry sources are to be believed, the much-hyped action film ‘Salaar’ was reportedly unable to collect its full collections in Visakhapatnam region and it could fall short of expected collections of Rs 20-odd crore. “It will be ending up between Rs 17 to 18 crore net collections and the distributors could lose Rs 2 or 3 crore since new films have arrived this Friday,” says a source and adds, “Prabhas pulled in sensational openings of Rs 9 crores plus in four to five days in Vizag but later collections began to dip and it is going to pinch the pockets of a few distributors,’ he adds.

Nonetheless, it was able to break-even in many centers in two Telugu states by garnering Rs 150 odd crores in and giving some profits to distributors. “It wouldn’t have been a profitable venture for some distributors in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, if GST on collections was not borne by production house Hombale. The move has saved Rs 5 crores for Nizam distributors alone and it helped other distributors too,” he points out

No doubt, the film has registered sensational openings and broke previous box office records, but few internal adjustments between producer and distributors saved the day of Prashanth Neel action adventure. "With four new films releasing this week, Salaar is out of theatres in many areas in two Telugu states," he concludes..

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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