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My filmography made me the person I am today: Nivetha Thomas

Published Apr 11, 2021, 10:05 pm IST
Updated Apr 11, 2021, 10:05 pm IST
Basking in the glory of all that Vakeel Saab is bringing her way, Nivetha Thomas talks about the balancing act her life has been yet
Nivetha Thomas
 Nivetha Thomas

Even as her latest film Vakeel Saab released to a thunderous applause, the actress had only recently recovered after she was tested positive for the COVID-19. But not the one to miss the positive in any situation, she points out that her recovery was rather fast.

Especially with the rising COVID cases around her, Nivetha Thomas tells us she wasn’t really too surprised she’d contracted the virus. “I knew I was at high risk because we’d shoot without wearing masks,” she points out. “So too, despite taking all the precautions, it was very difficult to trace where I’d got it from.”


Moreover, the actress had been working constantly and shooting without any break as also travelling for long periods. It was natural, feels the actress, that all that took a toll on her body and weakened her enough to contract the virus when she was exposed.

However, when she knew she’d contracted the virus, Nivetha remembers she didn’t panic. “I think by then, we’d all reached a point of being prone to the fear. Moreover, panicking wouldn’t have helped me in any way,” she states, adding, that her staff ensured that she didn’t get stressed at all. “I took all the supplements and was advised to take complete rest.”


Leaving the virus behind

Despite all the help and concerns pouring out for her, Nivetha couldn’t wait to test negative so she could get back to visiting the theatres. “I really wanted to visit the theatres and experience the euphoria surrounding my latest release, Vakeel Saab,” she explains. “I’m thrilled with the blockbuster response, and I am glad that it delivered the intended message of the film — that ‘No’ means no, no matter how women say it.”

Clearly, working in Vakeel Saab has been an enriching experience for the actress. In the film, the character she plays, Pallavi, experiences a lot of trauma. And preparations for the role were rather intense.


“I was probably most critical of myself while playing this role,” says Nivetha. “I used to evaluate my performance every two days because it was not about my character but about many women. So I felt the weight of too much responsibility and had to get it right. But that kept me going.”

The balancing act

Nivetha had entered showbiz as a child artist with the 2008-Malayalam-film, Veruthe Oru Bharya. A few years later, she went on to make her debut as a lead actor in Malayalam with the film, Pranayam in 2011.

Over the years, she then followed up with films in Tamil and Telugu films. Reflecting on her journey, Nivetha says her filmography has taken her forward.


“I’d started so young that I didn’t even know that cinema could be a career then. But there always comes a time in life where you figure it all out yourself. And having started young and grown up in the industry, films eventually turned out to be my passion,” she says.

“I wake up thinking about cinema…and sleep thinking about cinema, and it has made me the person I am today. I believe I’ve evolved as an actress with every film, and I want to keep learning.”

Incidentally, for most part of her life, Nivetha has been doing a balancing act—juggling between films and studies. As a child artist, she went to school while doing films, a routine she followed in college, too. And even as she managed her time on film shoots, raking in applause, she completed her Bachelors in Architecture (B. Arch).


But managing films and studies was not a coincidence for the actress. “I did not give myself another choice. And now I am used to it although when looking back, I’m surprised at how I did it all especially because one of the biggest challenges during school and college was to get the minimal attendance,” she adds.

Wiser and choosy

Determined as she was to complete her education while pursuing and growing in her career, Nivetha plans to continue doing films while practicing her B. Arch. Of course, she has no qualms about how difficult it could be to handle both the fields.


“Both fields demand a lot of creativity in designing. While B. Arch needs creativity in designing houses, films require that quality in designing a character,” the actress states.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad