HanuMan Theatrical Rights Sold for a Fancy Price

No doubt, the stocks of new-age director Prasant Varma are soaring by the day and he is able to trade off his upcoming film ‘HanuMan’ for whopping Rs 27 crores for theatrical rights alone. “It is the highest ever price for Prashanth Varma film till date and his popularity is at its peak,” says a distributor and adds, “The film has been sold for Rs 7.15 crore for Nizam region, Rs 4 crore for Ceded and Rs 9.5 crore for Andhra region. Besides Rs 2 crore for Rest of India and Rs 4 crores for overseas market and the total figure works out Rs 26.65 crores and it has gone down as one of the much-awaited films in the trade circles,” he adds.

Of course, the much-hyped socio-fantasy revolving around Lord Hanuman has to face stiff competition from star-studded movie ‘Guntur Kaaram’ on January 12 and other films like ‘Saindhav’ and ‘Naa Saami Ranga’ in the thereafter. "It’s a different film and holds on to its own with big events including megastar Chiranjeevi promoting the film and also hinted about suggesting the title too,” he points out.

It also stands out because of its theme of superhero story with a divine touch. “After a big gap, an underdog story is arriving in Tollywood and the 1600 VFX shots have made it visually pleasing and the final surprise element of Lord Hanuman avatar will be other unique elements in the film,” he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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