Shivani Rajashekhar shares screen with her dad

The actress mirrors real life as Rajashekar’s on-screen daughter

Hyderabad: The Rajashekar-starrer Shekar seems to be a family affair. Directed by Jeevitha (Rajashekar’s wife), it features the couple’s daughter Shivani in an important role.

Shivani plays Rajasekhar’s on-screen daughter in the thriller. She says she shot with her father for 10 days, and she wasn’t at all nervous about it.

“It was a comfortable set for me and the excitement of working with my father was high,” says Shivani.

Although she has little screen time, Shivani reveals that her character is impactful. “People advised me not to do the role because of the short screen time. I thought a lot about it, but decided to go ahead because of the impact it creates,” she shares.

Meanwhile, Jeevitha says it was a collective decision of the team to bring Shivani on board. “Since Rajashekar garu and Shivani are father-daughter in real life, we thought it would look convincing if we repeat the same on screen too,” she explains.

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