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An exciting phase, says Praneeta

Deccan Chronicle.| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: April 9, 2022 | Updated on: April 9, 2022

Looking to create a niche in the film world

Praneeta Patnaik. (By Arrangement)

Praneeta Patnaik. (By Arrangement)

Post her meaty role in the C/O Kancharapalem, Praneeta Patnaik has been going strong. Apart from taking up a few web series, she has just signed another film, Rajahmundry Rose Milk.

Directed by Naani Bandreddi, the teenage romantic drama has Praneeta playing the role of a teacher. "That’s what interested me; it’s not a conventional teacher’s role but something unusual that gives me an opportunity to experiment," she shares, adding that the role also involves a comic quotient, something that she hasn’t tried so far.

Asked how she is preparing for the part, Praneeta says she prefers to be spontaneous. "I play a 25-year-old teacher. The story is very realistic, she shares. She will be joining the sets next month.

Ask Praneeta how her life has been in cinema, and she replies that she is slowly getting used to the industry dynamics "I was a little edgy initially; I made my debut with C/O Kancharapalem while I was studying for an MBA degree. Later, I got a few good opportunities but since I was living in Vizag I had to forgo them.

But I relocated to Hyderabad a few months ago," she reveals, adding that she has been getting interesting opportunities, and is now in an exciting phase of her career.

"I am a rank outsider. I know the challenges but I also believe people are game to welcome performers. Earlier, people thought I would only suit supporting roles, but now I am playing lead roles," she says, adding that she’s prepared to work hard while waiting for recognition..

I think the pandemic affected my opportunities big time, but that’s been the case for everyone," she says.

"These are still early days," adds the actress, who opted out of the job she got through campus recruitment to pursue a film career.

Praneeta participated in school and college plays, and says she wanted to see herself on the silver screen since childhood. A trained Kuchipudi dancer in a family which has been practicing the art for five generations, she says  she is looking to create her own niche in the industry by exploring different roles.

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