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I have always been hard on myself: Raashii Khanna

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Published on: March 10, 2022 | Updated on: March 10, 2022

She finds working in multiple industries beautiful and liberating

Raashii started her career in Hindi, and later worked in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam before taking up Rudra in Hindi. (BY Arrangement)

Raashii started her career in Hindi, and later worked in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam before taking up Rudra in Hindi. (BY Arrangement)

Raashii Khanna’s clinical approach to work makes her radiate confidence. While she has her hands full with multiple projects in various industries, Thank You is her next Telugu film.

Though not at liberty to speak about her role, she said working in the film was a beautiful experience.

"Since the time I entered the industry I always wanted to work with Cinematographer PC Sreeram Sir, I am glad that I finally got the opportunity to work with him in this film. And of course, he made me look more beautiful than ever before. And Vikram Kumar is an amazing director," she says.

Revealing that Thank You is about gratitude, she says "It’s a love story that is full of emotional upheavals."

Raashii had earlier worked with Naga Chaitanya in Venky Mama, so there was a comfort level between them. "In fact, the experience became even more enriching," she smiles, describing Chay as a ‘cool co-star.’ "Our conversations were mostly about our characters. We had to develop our characters and constantly talked about how to make the scene better," she shares.

Raashii started her career in Hindi, and later worked in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam before taking up Rudra in Hindi. She feels working in multiple languages has been liberating.

"I have realised that all the industries have the same passion for cinema, bringing out great stories and making the best films. However, every industry has a different language, body language, etc." she says, adding that as an actor, she relished the challenge of coping with these differences.

Raashii is thankful that working in various industries has brought her a wider audience. "The reach of regional fan clubs is extensive and on par with the national fan clubs, so the visibility is great," she asserts.

The Prati Roju Pandage star seems to be working on a lot of Hindi projects, including Yodha, the Shahid Kapoor-starrer. To our question whether this is a considered move because of the wider reach of the projects, Raashii says, while Hindi films do have a bigger audience, her game plan has always been to push her limits. "I just don’t want to get stuck in that commercial rut where I don’t have much to do. And I have been lucky to be getting good characters. So it’s about choosing the projects I like," she clarifies.  "I realised that talent without hard work is irrelevant, irrespective of the industry. You have to work hard to be where you want to be, and it’ll take you places," she comments.

How challenging has it been to constantly reinvent herself and pick up interesting roles, we ask. "I think I would get bored if life isn’t challenging, and it has indeed been challenging. As actors we reinvent ourselves constantly; otherwise the audience will get bored looking at us doing the same things," she replies. "Also, I haven’t picked up interesting roles, but interesting roles chose me. So you pick the best from what you get," she says, adding that she’s lucky that filmmakers and audiences have seen beyond her looks and noticed the actor in her.

"Now is the best time of my career where I am actually exploring things and being considered for better things," she says.

A fitness enthusiast, Raashi’s weight loss has inspired many. She says however, that she had never spared a thought for trolls who body-shamed her.

"I have always been hard on myself; I know what my weight loss journey has been. My profession required me to be a certain way. Having said that, filmmakers never asked me to be thin or chubby; but I wanted to look the best version of myself," she reveals.

‘Nag will be at his elegant best’

Shooting of The Ghost underway in Dubai

The Dubai schedule of Nagarjuna’s upcoming film, The Ghost, resumed recently. Plans to go to that country a couple of times earlier had to be cancelled because of unit members contracting Covid-19.

Sonal Chuahan, the film’s leading lady, has joined the sets of the film this schedule.

"We are glad that our Dubai schedule is underway," says Puskur Ram Mohan Rao, one of the producers, adding that the film would be shot in interesting locations in the Gulf nation.

Director Praveen Sattaru would film action sequences apart from a montage song on Nagarjuna and Sonal Chauhan, he adds.

"It’ll be a stylish action flick with an intriguing plot. I am confident that Nagarjuna garu will be at his elegant best," the producer asserts.

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