Sreeleela ratings take a beating after an eye-candy role?

Probably, young actress Sreeleela knew that her poorly-designed role in ‘Extra Ordinary Man’ wouldn’t create ripples and didn’t participate much in promotions of the film. “She would have realized the futility of promoting the film since her role was restricted to just an eye-candy role in this silly comic-caper,” says a source and adds, “Although, she is shown as a corporate honcho but later her serious role fizzles out. She accompanies her lover boy in his fake mission and is confined to a song and dance routine,” he adds.

Earlier, she was unwilling to to promote her last release ‘Adhikesava’ and avoided to appear in promotions citing dates issues and eventually her role in the film turned out to be damp squib. “Sreeleela is shrewd enough to judge the outcome of her roles in certain films and clearly avoids going all out to promote it, rather making a big splash and then disappointing the audience,” he points out.

However, she could find solace in the big success of ‘Bhagavanth Kesari’ which justified her pre-release blitz as she claimed to be playing a challenging role. “It turned out to be much better and she showcased varied shades and proved her mettle despite Balakrishna hogging the limelight with his action and performance,” he informs.

Armed with good looks and talent, she has become the most sought-after-actress in Tollywood and doing films with big stars like Pawan Kalyan (Ustaad Bhagat Singh) and Mahesh Babu (Guntur Kaaram) to catapult her to the top league. "It is high time for her to consolidate her position at the top and pick films only with superstars,” he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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