Box office: Hi Nanna opens well but has a long way to go?

The much-hyped family drama ‘Hi Nanna’ drew good openings and has to go a long way to break even since it was sold for a big price in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Hotshot Nani showcased his acting prowess in this emotional saga and drew Rs 8 crores in the first two days in Telugu states and it has held on well to draw more collections.

The film has been reportedly sold for Rs 28.5 crores including Rs 9 crore for Andhra region, Rs 8.5 crore for Nizam area along with Rs 2.5 crore for Ceded and Rs 5.5 crore in overseas market. “It has to sustain its collections in the days to come to break even and fetch profits for buyers," says a source and adds, “The film shouldn’t mark any dip in collections from Monday next and it has to maintain the interest of the audience to keep going further,” he adds.

Unfortunately, if there is a fall in box office collections, then it would be difficult to recover the whole amount. “No doubt, it is one of the most heart-touching films in recent times. Nani and Mrunal scored high with their riveting performance while baby Kiara Khanna matched strides with them and rode on critical acclaim,” he points out.

He claims that family stories purely thrive on word-of-mouth publicity to draw in more eyeballs and family audiences have to throng the theatres. “If families turn up in big numbers in Telugu states then it could turn into a big money spinner,” he adds. The debutant director Shouryuv left a lot of loose ends and his dragged out second half could be tightened up a bit.

Nani scored one of the big hits of his career with ‘Dasara’ and turned a doting father for ‘Hi Nanna’ to showcase his acting repertoire since his next ‘Sanivaram Saripoda’ looks to be an action adventure. “He is truly mixing up with his roles and showcasing variety but he has to pull in new generation viewers for his father-daughter entertainer to prove his box office appeal," he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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