Krishna Vamsi in a spot of bother

The director's latest offering Nakshatram flops although many had high hopes on the film.

Director Krishna Vamsi has seen a huge setback with his latest film Nakshatram becoming a dud at the box office. People expected a lot from the film, and many thought that he is going to make a comeback, but it disappointed everyone.

“After getting reports from everywhere, the director is now in a thinking mode. A few of his close friends have also told him that the film is not good and that his touch is missing in the film,” says a source close to the director.

Earlier, some section of the audience would watch his films, regardless of whether they were a hit or flop. However, Nakshatram came as a jolt to him as the film’s quality was bad and Sai Dharam Tej’s cameo was wasted. Also, the film exceeded the budget.

“Initially, the director estimated that he could complete the film under Rs 5 crore, but it went over Rs 10 crore,” adds the source.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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