Two Telugu Movies Out of Sankranthi Race

With the Sankranthi season approaching, the Telugu cinema landscape is abuzz with highly anticipated releases. Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, Hanu-Man, and Naa Saami Ranga are among the big-ticket Telugu movies set to enthrall audiences. Adding to the excitement, a couple of Tamil films were expected to make their presence felt in the Telugu market—Ayalaan and Captain Miller.

However, recent developments have brought changes to the release plans. Renowned producer Dil Raju has officially declared the postponement of Ayalaan's release, shifting it from the initially scheduled date of January 12, 2024. Additionally, the absence of a Telugu trailer for Captain Miller raises speculation about the film not seeing a simultaneous release in Telugu. Instead, both movies are now anticipated to hit the Telugu screens later this month or in the following month.

Ayalaan, directed by Ravikumar, and Captain Miller, helmed by Arun Matheswaran, have created significant buzz with their theatrical trailers. Movie enthusiasts were anticipating a fierce competition between these two films at the Tamil Nadu box office. However, the delay in their Telugu release has left audiences eager for more updates on the revised release dates.

As the Sankranthi season unfolds, the audience can still look forward to an exciting array of Telugu releases, with Ayalaan and Captain Miller set to make their mark a little later in the season. Stay tuned for further updates on the revised release schedules and witness the cinematic extravaganza that unfolds in the coming weeks.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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