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Baddies have more scope to perform

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Published on: March 8, 2022 | Updated on: March 8, 2022

Chirag Jani sees antagonist roles as a good opportunity

 Chirag Jani . (By Arrangement)

Chirag Jani . (By Arrangement)

After his antagonist act in the Ravi Teja-starrer Krack, Chirag Jani is set for an encore. He will be seen as a baddie in Ravi Teja’s next film, Dhamaka.

"It was indeed Ravi Teja garu who referred me for the role; he loved my performance in Krack and felt we could recreate the magic in this film too," beams Chirag, adding that it was heartening to see his work getting recognised.

He reveals that his character is a villain with a difference. "It’s a classy corporate villain and I look my elegant best," says Chirag who has already shot for two schedules.

He describes Ravi Teja as a ‘cool co-star’. "Our conservations revolved around fitness and films. We shared our diverse experiences and encounters," he reveals.

We ask him if he isn't bored with playing baddie roles, and he replies, "Not at all!" In fact, he feels villain roles give more scope to perform. "I believe one can unleash acting skills being an antagonist; there’s a lot more to explore, whereas a protagonist role is somewhat restricted," he says.

Chirag is also doing a Tamil film as a parallel lead along with Jayam Ravi. It is directed by N. Kalyanakrishnan. "It’s a cop role and has interesting shades. Just like I have learnt Telugu, I have picked up Tamil for my part. My antagonist role in my earlier Tamil film Kaappaan came in handy, says Chirag, who is also working in a Kannada film.

"Also, I have done a few Hindi and Gujrati films as the lead. I have a good mix of everything," Chirag says, adding that it’s fun doing varied characters in different languages. For him, working in multiple industries is a validation of his talent. It gives him the opportunity to rub shoulders with top technicians and creative people too, he explains. "Also, it introduces me to different audiences, and allows me to explore more as an actor. I got to learn various languages and cultures and that takes me closer to the audiences."

Born and raised in Gujrat, Chirag relocated to Mumbai. He started his career as an actor in soap operas and is now part of big budget films. "I am happy that I have experimented and worked in different films," he says, and asserts that he’s open to any role, provided it brings him satisfaction.

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