Actress Malvika Sharma is training to be a criminal lawyer

She\'s interning with a lawyer to specialise in criminology and plans to do her master\'s as well

A couple of days back, we spotted actress Malvika Sharma at a criminal court near Namapally, Hyderabad. We assumed she was there for the shooting of her upcoming film, Red. However, much to our surprise, we learnt that the actress was at the court as an intern under criminal lawyer V. Pattabhi.

“I am in my final year of LLB (at Rizvi Law College, Mumbai), with criminology as my specialisation. I am working as an intern, which is part of my curriculum, and I will be writing my exams next month,” explains Malvika, adding that she plans to enrol for her masters degree (LLM) after she graduates.

So when will we see her arguing cases for real? “I am already going to the court, but as an intern; I will be going to court as a lawyer two months after my LLB exams, and I cannot wait for that,” she beams.

Malvika said she got the opportunity to explore Hyderabad of late. “Earlier, when there was no shooting, I use to return to Mumbai. But since I have been staying in Hyderabad because of my internship, I got the time to explore some historic locations. I have been to Charminar and Golconda, and they are quite spectacular,” she said

"The city holds a special place in my heart for shaping my career.”

Talking about how she landed her internship in Hyderabad, she says, “One of my managers referred me to Pattabhi Sir and I joined him in November 2019. I have been staying with relatives in Hyderabad. When I am not shooting, I work on my internship; I explained to Pattabhi Sir about my uncertain shoot schedules, and he was very understanding.”

However, balancing shoots and internship was indeed hard. “At times shooting took a toll on me physically, but that did not dampen my spirits,” she hastened to clarify.

The actress said she was able to develop logical thinking capabilities during her internship.

“Gathering and analysing the facts, understanding each case and building on it fostered my logical thinking. The whole process has broadened my thought process.”

As someone who always wanted to become a lawyer, why did she take up acting, we asked. “I am passionate about films, and showbiz is just part of my life,” she concludes.

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