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Kathi-Poonam spat gets ugly

Published Jan 8, 2018, 12:50 am IST
Updated Jan 8, 2018, 12:50 am IST
The film critic digged into Poonam’s private life and said he has proof to back the accusations.
Poonam Kaur
 Poonam Kaur

The Twitter row between Mahesh Kathi and Pawan Kalyan’s fans just got uglier, thanks to the Poonam Kaur dimension. The actress, who is an ardent PK fan, couldn’t stand Kathi’s unending criticism about the actor’s political stand and engaged in a war of words with the film critic. However, the 31-year-old actress’ decision to do so has got tongues wagging more than ever.

In what came across as a very harsh tone, Poonam tweeted: “Beggars r better than people who r making money outta criticising others, okeyy suthi (the same nonsense), change the man or the topic, I am bored 2 c the same fatso! (sic).” In another tweet, she wrote, “Employment problems... papam... contribute trps it’s a way of donating guys 4 some1s ill health actually should pay 4 weight reduction programme (sic).” 


In a series of tweets, the actress expressed disapproval of the critic and even accused him of having an “ulterior motive”.

While her decision to fight for Pawan Kalyan comes as a surprise to many, the Twitter war has now gone beyond the Internet. 

Kathi has levelled various allegations against her, going as far as digging up her private life. He also organised a press meet on Sunday morning to get back at Poonam.

Speaking at the presser, Kathi said, “I respect Poonam Kaur a great deal but I want her to answer a few questions. I am not accusing her of anything nor do I want to defame her. I only request her to answer these six questions that I have for her (mentioned in the box on right). Kathi said he had elaborate proof for every single accusation he was making.

It is also worth noting that at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Novemeber last year, while speaking to writer Shobhaa De, Poonam had said that she was struggling everyday because of two powerful men from Tollywood were trying to ruin her career and life.

Has the cat just been let out of the bag? 

Mahesh Kathi asks

1. Because of who were you made the brand ambassador (for handlooms in Andhra Pradesh)?
2. Why did you stand alongside Pawan Kalyan in Tirupati, and get a puja done with one common gotra? 
3. When you attempted suicide because Pawan cheated you, who was it that saved you and paid the bills for the same? 
4. What did Pawan Kalyan promise your mother and has he fulfilled it till now?
5. Why do you have so much anger for Trivikram? 
6. There was a kshudra puja that Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan were a part of, can you tell us what you were doing there?