30-plus glam divas caught in a bind?

With glam diva Kajal doing a female-centric movie 'Satyabhama', while Tamannaah is doing a Hindi web series like 'Akhri Sach,' it looks like 30-plus divas are having a tough time, No doubt, Kajal played romantic lead to Balakrishna in 'Bhagvanath Kesari', while Tamannaah played love interest of Chiranjeevi in 'Bholaa Shankar'. Even Samanatha is proving her mettle in women-centric films like 'Oh Baby' and 'Yashoda' these days. Probably, new-age stars are reluctant to work with them considering their growing age.

"I don't think age is a factor for talented and experienced actresses. Probably they want to do varied roles and try out something different amidst their roles in commercial movies," says producer Vishnu Induri, who claims that glam divas would be part of big ticket entertainers. "I think few of them will be ruling the roost for a few more years considering their charm and popularity," he adds.

Recently, 39-year-old Anushka returned with a romantic entertainer 'Miss Shetty Mister Polishetty' to avoid being typecast as a heroine who loves to be flag-bearer of lady-oriented films. "'Anushka has transcended varied barriers with her immense talent and she has proved her mettle in both star studded movies like 'Bahubali' and lady-oriented film 'Rudramadevi'. Even other actresses are still in the reckoning by doing films with big stars like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna and others," says Hemanth Madhukar, who urges talented divas to explore both star-driven and women-oriented movies. "They have to strike a proper balance between these two genres and extend their careers since they have their own fan following," he adds.

With young heroes reluctant to share screen space with senior heroines, actresses like Priyamani, Anjali, Trisha and now Tamannaah are exploring digital space. "Digital platforms are on par with the big screen in terms of good content and reach, so OTTs are happening and rocking. They are independent of cinema and carving a niche for themselves. No doubt, actresses are catching up with it and enhancing their brand equity and also fan base," points out Vishnu.

Although Kajal Aggarwal is moving towards women-oriented movies with 'Satyabhama', producer Vishnu says female-centric movies are finding it hard to get finances. "Firstly, there are very few producers who like to bet their money on actresses and on other the hand, even a few divas are unwilling to shoulder the responsibility of carrying the film on their shoulders and they prefer to work with big stars. Just doing female-centric movies would cut down their film count," he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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