Nani Returns to His Emotional Roots; Baby Kiara wins hearts with her performance

Nani, the versatile actor known for his ability to effortlessly shift between genres, is back with an emotional drama, "Hi Nanna." The film, which hit theaters recently, revolves around Viraj (Nani), a fashion photographer in Mumbai, and his six-year-old daughter, Mahi. The plot takes an intriguing turn with the entry of Yashna (Mrunal Thakur) into their lives, pushing Viraj to reveal a long-hidden story.


Nani, known for his recent mass makeover in Dasara, embraces his gentle side once again with the role of Viraj. While the character doesn't offer anything extraordinary, Nani's performance keeps the audience engaged throughout. Mrunal Thakur is attractive and apt for her role, displaying nuanced expressions. The child actress, Kiara, adds a delightful touch to the film, portraying her character with charm. Priyadarshi impresses with a crucial role, while Nasser and others deliver routine performances.

Technical Aspects:

"Hi Nanna" presents an intriguing premise, but its execution falls short due to a slow-paced narrative and predictable scenes. The film's saving grace lies in Hesham Wahab's background music and the visually rich cinematography. While the screenplay could have been more compelling, the soothing songs contribute positively. For debut director Shouryuv, "Hi Nanna" is a decently crafted drama, with potential for improvement in future projects.


Nani, known for his breezy entertainers, returns to the emotional and heart-touching genre with "Hi Nanna." The film starts with a promising premise but gradually slips into a routine love story narrative. The predictable romantic track and slow-paced narrative hinder the overall impact. However, the interval and the second half bring emotional depth, especially in the last half-hour, with a heart-rendering climax featuring exceptional performances from the cast.

Despite the film's title highlighting the father-daughter relationship, "Hi Nanna" subtly emphasizes the love of a mother in the undertone. The plot, though dealing with the father's love, intertwines with elements he desires but cannot have. The character of Yashna, portrayed by Mrunal Thakur, appears slightly disconnected from the writing to execution, overshadowing Viraj's character.

In conclusion, "Hi Nanna" offers a decent watch if viewers can overlook the slow narrative and predictability, savoring the emotional segments that unfold towards the end. While Nani's presence in the lead role justifies the film's title, "Hi Amma" might have equally suited the poignant narrative.

Rating: 3 Stars

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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