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Prakash Raj in the lap of nature

Published Jun 7, 2021, 5:47 am IST
Updated Jun 7, 2021, 5:47 am IST
Prakash Raj
 Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj recently uploaded a rare video on his Twitter page, which captured a peacock hopping from one coconut tree to another, in search of it food. The post was captioned as, “To Feast”.

When we caught up with the actor recently, our interaction began by talking about the post. “To me the act caught on camera was the ‘power of hunger’. I believe it was the hunger for food that gave the peacock the power and drive to hop around. And I see a beautiful lesson there — it’s constant hunger that drives us,” shares Prakash Raj.

A natural hideout

The trip to his farm, says the actor, was his bid at trying to stay optimistic in the wake of news reports on the destruction brought on by the second wave of the COVID pandemic.

“I went on a long drive, away from all the traffic snarls, and camped in the lap of nature — all alone, for a week,” he tells us but without disclosing the place he went to. “All I can say is I had a great time. Spending time in nature’s lap is pure bliss.”

Prakash Raj camped at an undisclosed location

Incidentally, the actor tells us he has been living in nature for over twenty years. “My house and a better part of my life have been surrounded by trees and greenery,” he elaborates. “Especially, this trip was special because I wanted to have a conversation with nature. And I got lost in its vastness. The vastness of nature I speak of, one needs to experience it.”

The nature lover, however, laments about how mankind has decided that they rule the world and that the remaining living beings are slaves. “It is time we understood that we’re part of nature, which has other creatures living their lives too,” Prakash Raj explains.

“For all the smartness we humans attribute to ourselves, we are paying a heavy price today. I think it’s time we unlearn our lessons and learn to live in nature without destroying it.”

Finding harmony

The actor remembers the pure bliss it was to see the skies through that week of camping, even as he welcomed the monsoon. Prakash Raj also spent some time talking to youngsters from the surrounding villages.

“We had some wonderful and uplifting conversations on nature and the ecosystems,” elaborates Prakash, adding that we cannot escape these conversations especially after the pandemic reminded us of how important it is. “We are a part of nature and need to live together harmoniously.”

However, the actor’s idea of harmony is rather special. “Man leaves his arrogance in the wake of his contributions to the world. For instance, he’d say, ‘I am growing plants,” says Prakash as he clarifies his thoughts. “The truth, however, is that you don’t grow plants; you let them grow. One should be humble enough to even say that.”

The art of co-existing with nature

When not taking off into the countryside to camp among the trees and clouds, the actor and his family indulge in activities such as baking, gardening and seasonal harvests. Now taking his love for nature one step ahead, the actor has designed a concept called the ‘Life at Prakasham’. Located at Shamshabad, it’s an recreational getaway for those who want to experience nature.

“The entire farm is chemical-free and is in line with sustainable living,” he adds. So also, the actor realises that the concept of living in nature’s lap is slowly gaining momentum. “

I think people are slowly realising the value of spending time in nature’s lap.  I believe it is important to maintain a constant connect with nature just as we do with our immediate family. It’s time we learnt to coexist with nature.


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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