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Meet Muffin, Anasuya's new four-legged therapist

Published May 7, 2021, 9:52 pm IST
Updated May 7, 2021, 9:52 pm IST
Actress Anasuya Bharadwaj’s family welcomes a pet, Muffin, a French Bull pup
Anasuya bharadwaj
 Anasuya bharadwaj

In these unprecedented times, when people are looking for some solace, actress Anasuya and her family have found the relief they were looking for in Muffin – a French Bull pup which is the latest addition to the household.

“Recently there were rumours about a possible lockdown in the State. I was apprehensive about it, and I thought it’s time we invite our first pet into the family,” she says. The move seems to have worked very well, because Muffin has made the whole family supercharged and excited. “Muffin is our new therapist,” the actress says.


Shaurya BharadwajAnasuya reveals that she was brought up in a dog-loving family. “I had two dogs (a black Labrador and a Boxer); they used to sleep on my bed, I was so attached to them,” she recalls.

“But post marriage, since my in-laws weren’t comfortable with pets, I gave up the idea of having one in the house. But my heart always longed for pets. It took me 10 years to convince them to get one,” Anasuya shares.

“I actually wanted to get a puppy last November as a gift to my younger son on his birthday, but my husband wasn’t too keen. Since then I have been trying to bring him around to the idea, and finally, I got permission recently,” she says, adding that it was Muffin’s ‘take-me-home eyes’ that made her instantly fall for him.


The lucky pup has a head-to-toe pamper kit for himself. “He has a bed of his own, nail cream, moisturisers, dry shampoo, etc. It’s so exciting, because earlier these things were not available,” the Rangasthalam star says.

Anasuya feels her growing kids need some fun and physical activity to cope with the stress of the current situation in the outside world. And Muffin was the right choice. It’s been a week since Muffin has arrived in Anasuya’s household. And he is getting all the love and attention of the family.


“I am making my two kids take turns to parent him — take him for a walk, etc. I feel that for any animal the first connection lies in who is feeding them. So it is very important for my kids to understand the pet and vice-versa,” she shares, adding that Muffin is, in turn, teaching them doggie talk with his cute expressions and funny grunts.

“I’ve been feeling sorry for the kids for the last one year — most of the time they are confined indoors and just playing PSP. So I know how difficult things have been for them,” she says, adding that she is doing all she can to keep them active. Ask her what she herself does to beat the stress, and she replies, “I am enjoying cooking.”


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