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Nag Ashwin asked for help, Anand Mahindra obliged

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Published on: March 7, 2022 | Updated on: March 7, 2022

Nag Ashwin's Project K, a sci-fi film, requires a deep understanding of robust, futuristic technology for which he needs engineering support

When asked Nag why he chose to approach Anand Mahindra, he replied that he's personally a big fan of his work. (Twitter)

When asked Nag why he chose to approach Anand Mahindra, he replied that he's personally a big fan of his work. (Twitter)

Nag Ashwin directing a Sci-Fi film, titled Project K, starring Prabhas, Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan is old news. What’s new is the director and his team are currently working on building a few unique vehicles for the film’s universe. Apparently, these vehicles demand futuristic engineers and high-end technology experts.

Nag Ashwin’s team has a talented bunch of engineers and designers. But since the vehicles that are to be built are beyond today’s technology and the scale of the project is very high, the filmmaker decided to seek help from none other than industrialist Anand Mahindra.

Few days back he tweeted to Mr Mahindra asking for designers and engineers support from his company to help build the new vehicles for the film. The business tycoon responded positively, said that his Chief of Global Product Development will assist the team.

Nag Ashwin couldn’t have asked for more — to have Anand’s team on board for the film. "Talks have been initiated and we have exciting times ahead," the filmmaker said, adding that if this film does what it is supposed to, it will be the pride of our nation.

Needed high-end technology

Nag reveals that although they have designers and engineers they needed high-end technology support to build futuristic vehicles. "Essentially we are planning to build something (vehicles) that are ahead of time and require a deep understanding of robust technology. Our team of engineers have designed the vehicle to a certain extent, but it will still take a longer time. Hence, we were looking for engineering and technology support," explains the filmmaker.

According to him, these vehicles need high-end technology and design engineers to bring to light. "We can recreate the same vehicle in Computer Graphics (CG), but we want it to be real and natural. Since we are making a film that has never been attempted before in Indian cinema, we wanted to be authentic and genuine," he states, adding the vehicles need engineering that has to be ahead of time.

"The design technology that’s available right now isn’t enough. This film demands extensive Research and Development (R&D) in terms of technology and design – something that we cannot do randomly. We have created a universe of sorts to a certain extent but we need an R & D division from a company to provide technology and engineering support," the director said.

Thankful to Anand Mahindra

When asked Nag why he chose to approach Anand Mahindra, he replied that he’s personally a big fan of his work. "I think Anandji and his team were the first people to engineer a lot of things including electric vehicles. They have a deep knowhow about technology Anandji’s company has a great diversity of work that speaks volumes," shares the filmmaker.

The fact that Nag’s film is exploring an idea that is first-of-its-kind, Anand too was glad to join forces. "End of the day we are trying to create some sort of a product that’ll make all of us all feel proud of," he enthuses.

With a hat-trick of successes under his belt, Nag Ashwin could have easily played it safe making a rom-com instead of a film in Sci-Fi genre.

"It’s basically what interests me; when I am game to spend around 2-3 years on a project, I need to be on top of my game," he expresses.

Nag Ashwin’s earlier films are completely different from each other. Be it Yevade Subramanyam or Mahanti or Jathi Ratnalu (as a producer). And now his film with Prabhas is a Sci-Fi.

The director states that being diverse is a conscious effort, and that one needs to be different to give their best. "Fundamentally, the idea should drive you. I feel if you do the same thing again you may not give 100 percent," he points out, sharing that we need to constantly be inspired to invite new thoughts.


Nag Ashwin: Dear @ anand mahindra ... I admire you a lot sir..v have a talented, fully Indian team of engineers and designers... but the scale of the project is such that we could use a hand... such a film has never been attempted would be an honor if you can help us engineer the future... #ProjectK

Anand Mahindra replied: "How could we refuse an opportunity to help you envision the future of mobility @nagashwin7? Our Chief of Global Product Development @Velu_Mahindra will, I’m sure, happily throw his weight behind you. Velu developed the @xuv700 & already has his feet in the future!"

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