The Plant Man Success Meet Held

The movie is produced by Panna Royal, who directed horror flicks like Calling Bell and Rakshasi, under Universal Studios banner. The Plant Man is directed by K Santosh Babu, starring Chandrasekhar and Sonali Panigrahi.

There is a lot of buzz around the recently released Plant Man which is running in theatres. The team held a Thank You meet to express their gratitude to the audience. Besides the lead actors, producer Panna Royal, director Santosh Babu, Baby Prekshitha, Akkam Balaraju, Ashok Vardhan, writer Sai Krishna, Tadivelu, Balaraju, Venkat were present on the occasion.

Producer Panna Royal said, "Today is the birthday of our guru, BA Raju garu. Wherever he is, his blessings are with us. When I made Calling Bell, I received his support. He would have felt very happy today. As a director, I am known to everyone. Plant Man is my first film as a producer. We started it as a short film. After seeing the output, we upgraded it to the next level. If we continue to get positive response, we want to make two short films a year and introduce new people. The main reason for the success of the movie 'Plant Man' is the actors and technicians. I did not expect such a big success. I thank the audience for supporting the film so well."

Baby Prekshitha said she was initially tense as it was her first movie. "The director and the producer motivated me a lot."

Ashok Vardhan said, "While making the film, it felt like a small film. But the writing skills are so good in this movie. The output is very good and hence the audience response."

"Thanks to the director who recognized my talent and gave me such a good opportunity. Plant Man is a progressive movie. Western countries would have made a subject like this with huge budgets and great visuals. But, without any of them, we have achieved something here," said writer Sai Krishna

Akkam Balaraju said, "The first day I went to act in this movie, I asked where this movie would be released - YouTube or OTT. The producer told me they were looking at an OTT release. After half of the shooting, I asked the same question again. This time, the producer said that they are releasing the movie in theaters. There is a lot of comedy in this movie from start to finish, it will leave you with a smile. This is a movie that everyone should watch very happily with the family. After the release of this film, I got two more offers."

"Though I played a small character in the film, I did very well. Even though I have been in the industry for the past 20 years, I am satisfied the most with the character I have done in this movie. The response in the theatre is also amazing," Tadivelu said

Director K Santosh Babu said, "Producer Panna Royal is the reason for making this movie. He liked the storyline. He and DoP Sainath garu are the reason why this movie became such a big success. I was able to make such a good film with the support provided by the actors and technicians."

"I was outside this hall just a month ago and now this film has made me sit on the dais. Panna garu always takes the lead in anchoring newcomers. This is a movie that should be watched and enjoyed with the family this Sankranti," said lead actor Chandrasekhar.

"The opportunity in this film came through DOP Karnan garu. Producer Panna garu supported me a lot. I was a bit nervous at the start. Everyone supported me throughout. I am also happy to be a part of a good movie. The movie is running in theaters. Everyone must see it," said actress Sonali.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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