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Mastering the art of tackling boredom

Published Nov 7, 2020, 12:15 am IST
Updated Nov 7, 2020, 12:15 am IST
Actor Ram reflects on his learning from the pandemic
Ram Pothineni
 Ram Pothineni

Ram Pothineni’s recent makeover seems to be doing all the talking in the tinsel town, and he’s seemingly drawing everyone’s attention with his latest photoshoot.

During our interaction with the Nenu Sailaja star, we asked to find out if the transformation was for a role in his forthcoming film. He merely laughed and says, “I was bored and I clicked some pictures at home. Nothing more to it. I’m glad everyone’s liking it.” Bored he may be now, but the actor had enough on his plate to keep him busy through the recent lockdown. “A lot of cooking, cleaning and a hell-of-a-lot-of ‘me’ time happened during the lockdown,” he says.


In the same breath, though seeming a little sombre suddenly, he also tells us that many of his family and friends tested positive for the virus. “But thankfully, all of them recovered. I guess the pandemic has taught us how significant nature is.”

The new ways of life

How did the pandemic change the way he looks at life now, we ask him.

“I have always believed in pausing and looking around in life once in a while, especially when all I do is running around most of the time,” explains Ram. “This pandemic forced everyone to pause and look at life, which I think is a good thing. But one thing that stung my heart throughout the whole lockdown was watching many suffer, not because of the pandemic but because of poverty.”


So like the many who picked up a specific art to master during the lockdown, did he too pick up a new trade or so?

With a chuckle in his voice, the Pandaga Chesko actor simply comments, “I have almost mastered the art of tackling boredom. Really! I have found ways to beat tediousness,” Ram shares.

Boredom jokes apart, the iSmart Shankar actor claims to be someone who doesn’t care to hang out much with friends or to party.

“In reality, if you lock me up in a room, I will be the happiest person because it brings me peace of mind and I might even try and discover a few of my hidden personality traits. I never get bored as I love spending time with myself,” he shares.


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