Tiger Nageswara Rao is a path-breaking effort

Ravi Teja feels it'll make a mark in the Hindi belt

Director Vamsee’s Tiger Nageswara Rao is pushing boundaries. The film is not only being shot simultaneously in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, but also being released in sign language. Movie buffs in the Hindi belt will for the first time get to enjoy the Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja mouthing his own dialogues.

While a host from the deaf community conveyed what was happening in sign language for the benefit of the hearing-impaired at the trailer launch of the film in Mumbai, Ravi Teja, along with Nupur Sanon and Vamsee, talked to the press. Excerpts from the interaction:

Ravi Teja

Avadh Hindi is tough, but for the first time, I managed to my mouth my own dialogues. This is not a dubbed film. You guys will hear my own voice in the theatres. Hope all my fans and the audiences will love the story of India’s biggest thief.

The training I went through to prepare for my character, including the dedication needed to familiarise myself with sign language, was a first for me. I hope, it translates well on the screen.

Kuch achcha nahi aaya abhi thak (acknowledging that nothing good has come for him in Hindi as yet). But I feel this is the right script to make a mark in Hindi. Having said that, I have fans from all over the country, and this makes me feel humbled as well as great.

Nupur Sanon

I’m honoured to work with Ravi and legendary Anupam Kher. Not everybody gets to start with such actors. I couldn’t do a single scene with Anupam Kher, but I hope next time I get to share screen space with him. I did share the screen with the Mass Maharaja who helped me selflessly. Who would say ‘No’ to being paired with the Mass Maharaja in their debut film? The script has all the commercial elements, and I was bowled over at the very first narration by director Vamsee.


Right from the story narration, Ravi Teja was encouraging. His support made me believe that I was going in the right direction.

Ravi Sir has dust allergy and it is difficult for him to cope with smoke and dust. All the fight scenes were full of both. But he didn’t make a fuss, he put up with the discomfort for hours at a stretch to do the shots, because of his passion for films.

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