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Mickey J Meyer to compose for Mahanati

Deccan Chronicle| Pranita Jonnalagedda

Published on: April 5, 2017 | Updated on: April 6, 2017

Music composer says work has already begun and he has scored two songs too.

Mickey J. Meyer and Nag Ashwin

Mickey J. Meyer and Nag Ashwin

Music composer Mickey J. Meyer may have had a mixed bag of films so far, but the latest project, Mahanati, the biopic of the legendary Savitri he signed is admittedly one of the most different films he has done in his career, spanning a little over a decade.

"People ask if this is going to be challenging. I’d say every film is. This film is interesting more than challenging because of the premise," he shares, adding that that he has already composed two tracks for the film, one of which is apparently the film’s title track. "I like finishing the main songs in films first so that they are out of my way, and this one is the most important song in the film," he shares.

While his work has just begun, and there’s a lot to do, he tells us that the film’s music will reflect tunes from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. "I grew up with old songs, and have an understanding of the sensibilities of those times. The sound then was very different, as was the music. I have to keep that in mind as it is the main element," he explains.

When we ask how this film happened, he says, "I have known Nagi  (director) from a very long time, since the days he worked with Shekhar Kammula, and when he called me for this film, things fell into place."

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