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Motherhood is the most beautiful thing: Hari Teja

Published Mar 6, 2021, 4:58 am IST
Updated Mar 6, 2021, 4:58 am IST
Actress Hari Teja is thrilled with her pregnancy. The Bigg Boss Season 1 contestant talks about life after marriage and her husband Deepak
Actress Hari Teja
 Actress Hari Teja

Hari Teja, who enthralled audiences by her performance in films and won hearts through her participation in Bigg Boss Season 1, is on Cloud 9 — she is to become a mother shortly!

 “I am in my third trimester, and the due date is April 1,” she beams.
“When I heard the news that I would soon be a mom, it was a surreal feeling, and I couldn’t find words to express myself. My husband (Deepak, who works for a pharmaceutical company) held and hugged me,” recalls Hari Teja.


 “The thought of someone growing inside me is unbelievable. I never thought I would take up such a big responsibility so soon,” she shares.

Describing motherhood as ‘the most beautiful thing,” the actress says she now loves her mother even more than she did before. “I realised what efforts she made, what she endured, the sacrifices she made for me.  My respect for mothers and women has gone up,” she says.

She feels impending motherhood has changed her perspective of life. “I am being more cautious and sensitive because of my kid. I am also being more empathetic towards things. I guess the beauty of a woman lies in motherhood,” says the Prati Roju Pandage actress.


Asked about her plans for the future, Hari Teja says, “I want to keep things simple and not get carried away. I just want to take life as it comes and be very sensible. I am not interested in the rat race or peer pressure. I just want to embrace motherhood and its beautiful moments.”

Talking about her idea of marriage, the actress says, “It’s a great responsibility and it’s something that has to be embraced with love. The feeling of having someone forever is so beautiful. I have never imagined having a fairy-tale life. I am someone who lives in reality. So I have had my share of difficulties, but it’s great to get a supportive and empathetic partner like (Deepak).”


Dismissing as a myth the idea that marriage hampers an actress’ career prospects, Hari Teja says in fact, marriage brought her fame. “Marriage is my lucky charm,” she says, adding, “I got major career breaks, appreciation for my performances and Bigg Boss too after my marriage. And the best part is that Deepak and my in-laws were always there beside me encouraging.”

Admitting that balancing films and personal life has been challenging, Hari Teja says that emotional support is the key to career progress. “We lead a stressful life, and when we get back home, we need someone to take care of us and be compassionate. So family support is the key and I am thankful for having Deepak. We share responsibilities (cooking, chores, etc.) He is a Kannadiga from Bengaluru but shifted to Hyderabad for my career. And we never let ego and emotions get the better of us and always stay away from negativity and peer pressure,” she says, pointing out that all these things made her life post marriage comfortable.


Giving us the back-story on how her marriage happened, she says, “When the alliance first came, the two families discussed it. However, for some reason, neither family proceeded with it. But then, the two of us connected and fell in love.”

The couple then informed their respective parents, who were surprised that the two of them had continued seeing each other even though the families had dropped the proposal.

Hari Teja is emphatic about continuing her career. “I shall act as long as I can entertain the audience,” she says.


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