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'Doughty Samantha dubbed while on saline’

Published Nov 5, 2022, 7:34 pm IST
Updated Nov 5, 2022, 7:34 pm IST
Samantha dubbing for the film Yashoda while on a saline drip. (Photo By Arrangement)
 Samantha dubbing for the film Yashoda while on a saline drip. (Photo By Arrangement)

Ever since Samantha revealed that she was diagnosed with Myositis, her health has been the biggest topic of discussion in  tinsel town! 

Sivalenka Krishna Prasad, the producer of Samantha’s upcoming film, Yashoda, says that he too was taken aback when he first learnt about her health condition.
“I felt very disheartened when I first heard about it,” says Prasad, adding “During the entire shooting, Samantha garu didn’t shown any sign of being ill. She gave her best-ever performance. In the last couple of months, when we wanted to start the dubbing work for the film, we were informed that she was ill.”

Initially, he thought the actress might be able to begin dubbing after a few days. “I even had a word with her on when she could start so that I could plan accordingly. Sam responded promptly saying she would be back in a few days,” he shares.

But as days passed, Prasad was informed about her health condition and was shocked. The entire team told her to take her own time to start dubbing. “But she refused to do so. Since the release date had been announced as November 11, and the film is a multilingual one, Sam didn’t want to spoil our schedules and postpone the release,” the producer says.

“Because of her medical condition, she arranged some equipment and dubbed while connected to a saline drip,” Prasad reveals, describing Sam as one of the most dedicated actors he had ever seen.

“She made sure nothing hampered the film’s progress. Can any filmmaker ask for more?” he says.

 “Celebs and technicians across all industries have lent their support, believing that she’s a strong woman and will come back even stronger,” he adds.

Prasad had planned Samantha’s participation for the film promotions from November 1, but had to change these plans. Was he disappointed, we ask. “Why would I be,” he replies. “Look at the way she supported and shouldered the film. Moreover, this is the time when you need to rally around her, give her emotional and moral support. If the film is good, people will praise it.”

Prasad, who has been in the industry for four decades and has backed around 40 films, says that working with Samantha has been a great experience. “She just didn’t act; she took charge and owned the film. Even though she’s ill, just the other day she was checking about the film’s background score,” he says.



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