Varalaxmi on drug case and movies

Varalaxmi is happy that she could do justice to even negative roles in films like Krack' and “Veera Simha Reddy

Tamil actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar who has been doing offbeat roles in films like ‘Naandhi’ and ‘’Agent’ in Tollywood claims that she always to be an actor. “Everyone comes into the industry to become a heroine or hero. But I had a different idea and turned into an actor to explore varied roles. With heroines repeating themselves, I preferred a new route,” she said at a promotional event for her upcoming film 'Mansion 24' in Hyderabad.

She is happy that she could do justice to even negative roles in films like ‘Krack’ and “Veera Simha Reddy. “I am happy that the audience received such roles as they liked my performance and it peps up my confidence,” she added. She says that she is playing the lead in two films, but she is not inclined to do the usual glam-centric roles. “Girls are not there to look pretty because they are capable of doing more,” she points out.

Talking about her drug case in Chennai recently, she clarified, “I have nothing to do with the drug case. The man in question Adhilingam was a freelance manager for me. He was with me when I was doing Sarkar. He bought me 2-3 films and I did them. I can’t be held responsible for what he does in his personal life. I have no link with him or his activities.” She further said, “No one will read the news if it is mentioned that the said man is arrested in a drug case. But it will be news if they write it as Varalaxmi’s manager, and that is exactly what happened with this. The media pumped up the case more than anything else”.

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