Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Six Wild Card Entries Likely

In a latest rumour, it's being said that this season of Bigg Boss will not run with just these 14 contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu has begun its seventh season with a lot of excitement. Having completed six seasons already, they have kicked off the new season in style with entertainment galore. However, as the previous two season's TRP ratings were not very strong, it is being said that Bigg Boss makers are planning to make this season more captivating.

The first day saw the entry of 14 contestants into the Bigg Boss house. Meanwhile, speculations are rife that, not just them, others are also gearing up to join the house, creating a buzz among the audience.

Bigg Boss has launched this season with grandeur, adding entertainment to the mix. Contestants have already stirred up the house with their performances, and the colorful sets have added to the show's appeal. Even host Nagarjuna has gotten ready for a season full of surprises. With a multitude of plans in place, the Bigg Boss team is set to continue these antics throughout the season.

As of now, 14 contestants have made their way into the house. Among them are Priyanka Jain, Shiva Ji, Dhamini Bhatla, Prince Yawar, Shubhashree, Shakeela, Aata Sandeep, Shobha Shetty, Tasty Tej, Rathi Karthik, Gautam Krishna, Kiran Rathod, Pallavi Prashant, and Amardeep Chaudhari. They have all entered the Bigg Boss house, and it's clear that this time, everyone is eager to claim the title.

In a latest rumour, it's being said that this season of Bigg Boss will not run with just these 14 contestants. Some more participants are in line to enter the house. While the team is excited about sending more contestants, it remains to be seen who will join the house next, which is likely to happen in Saturday and Sunday episodes. With these additional twists, the show promises more excitement for its viewers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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