Team 'RRR' launches Friendship day campaign, encourages fans to share their stories

Published Aug 5, 2019, 11:51 am IST
Updated Aug 5, 2019, 11:51 am IST
The shoot of SS Rajamouli’s upcoming film is currently under progress and it is expected to release on July 30th, 2020.
Director Rajamouli’s upcoming film, RRR, stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR.
 Director Rajamouli’s upcoming film, RRR, stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR.

Mumbai: On the occasion of Friendship Day, the team of RRR has launched a friendship day campaign asking the twitter users to share their tale of friendship. For years, it is known that the celebrities post rate photos of themselves with their best friends while allowing the world to know a bit more about them on their social media handles. RRR team has grabbed the essence of the day and used the campaign to reach the film’s audience.

A tweet has been posted on the official @RRRmovie handle saying,"Happy Friendship Day to you all! As you know, our Ramaraju and Bheem met unexpectedly, back in 1920s. With time, their friendship grew stronger.
Who’s your Rama Raju/Bheem? This friendship day, wish your best friend by posting a selfie/pic of you both with #RRRYehDosti 🤝🏻"


Within seconds after posting the tweet, the users started tweeting about their best friends using the hashtag. SS Rajamouli, the director of this upcoming venture has responded to the campaign and took a picture of him and his friend Sai Korrapati (Indian film producer and distributor) with a heartfelt note:


"If destiny favours you, you will meet a human like Sai garu in life. Someone who's a child at heart, symbol of trust and a huge support. He's my Bheem and I wish him nothing but happiness..:) #RRRYehDosti"

Following him, the leads of the film, NTR and Ram Charan has shared a couple of pictures in which they are seen to share beautiful chemistry.

Both the messages have amused the netizens while grabbing the maximum attention. The starts have used the occasion and the hashtag to describe what they mean to each other while establishing the strength of their bond.


Tarak quoted Socrates, saying:

"Be slow to fall into friendship...but when thou art in..continue firm and constant" - Socrates ... Perhaps no other quote defines our friendship better #RRRYehDosti

Charan, who is not on Twitter has posted on Instagram:

"Some bonds take time to form. But when done, they are forged for life. I've forged one such bond with Tarak, my Bheem! #RRRYehDosti"

Both the pictures have gone viral on Twitter within minutes of posting. Interestingly, Alia who’s playing the role of Sita, the love interest of Ramaraju has also responded to the campaign. As everyone knows, Alia will be seen sharing the screen space with Ramaraju.


She has taken the trend to her twitter, by mentioning her best friend.

"Who's your Rama Raju/ Bheem? Mine's @Akansharanjan"

The shoot of the film is currently progressing and the film is expected to be released on July 30th, 2020. In the film, both Jr NTR and Ram Charan will appear as Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetha Ramaraju respectively. As per the plot, these two leads who are already friends offscreen will share their friendship on the screen as well. As merrier as it can, the RRR team has successfully managed to elevate the friendship to all of us. The RRR team came up with the right plan for the right occasion that the hashtag #RRRYehDosti is trending nationwide.