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Bitten by the writing bug

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Published on: June 5, 2022 | Updated on: June 5, 2022

A slew of heroes turn screen writers and pen their own success stories

Adivi Sesh in Major. (By Arrangement)

Adivi Sesh in Major. (By Arrangement)

Actors are donning a new hat! They are turning screen writers and doing a good job at that.

Sesh Adivi, Yash and Siddhu Jonnalagadda are a few who have written the screenplay for their respective films — Major, KGF Chapter 2 and DJ Tillu — thereby scripting their career’s biggest hits.

While these actors continue to shoulder films, they say writing was something they always enjoyed. Sesh Adivi-starrer Major is a big hit and the actor is the screenwriter for the patriotic drama. In fact, ever since the suave actor turned writer, all his films — Kshanam, Goodachari, Evaru and now Major — have turned out to be blockbusters.

Is turning a writer his route to success? "Not definitely," Sesh smiles. "When you turn a writer, you get the hang of the character and can get to experience it firsthand. And when you start writing, the process brings out the best traits in the role you will play. That’s a huge advantage. You know your limitations as an actor, but writing makes you push those limits, discover and bring out your hidden side," says Sesh, stating that writing has been one of the decisive factors in his career.

One of the reasons Sesh turned writer was to understand and map his personality to suit the roles. He says that writing gave him a better insight into the characters he played.

"When I listen to scripts sometimes my instincts quickly tell me whether I can connect to the character and pull it off. But when I start writing characters, subconsciously I own them and then start building them. So half the job is done — I am already in love with and living the character," shares the actor, adding that writing has always given him an edge when it comes to imagining and writing scripts.

Adding to the repertoire  

As much as actors are passionate about their work, they also want to excel in another department too. Yash has been one of the biggest stars in the south — thanks to his KGF franchise.  Apparently, Yash had turned screenwriter for the second instalment. He had written most of his dialogues in KGF 2 which went on to become one of the biggest hits in Indian cinema!

Ask Yash what made him turn a writer, he replied, "Right from the beginning I have been involved in the script sessions and processes. In fact, I like any dimension of cinema — be it writing or any other aspect. Hence, I have been part of script sessions as well, though it doesn’t mean that they give credit to me," he answers modestly.

Yash says writing is another dimension of him as an actor. As actors, they are part of a director’s vision and writing is also one of the facets they contribute to in the process.

The actor says that what is written should transform (execute) onscreen. And he believes that can happen effectively if the writer in the actor constantly evokes the characters. "Especially when playing larger than life characters you need to live and own it. That can happen during the pre-production stage. I believe if an actor is also a writer that’s where he can better his acting — apply and surrender himself to the character," says Yash.

Writing gives an actor the edge

Actor Siddu Jonnalagadda

Actor Siddu Jonnalagadda turned all heads when he turned writer with Guntur Talkies. The film garnered rave reviews for his writing. However, Siddu was given a shout out for pulling off the titular role, DJ Tillu, with great swag and élan. He is the writer for the film, apart from the protagonist.

"I am 51 per cent actor; 49 per cent writer," says the actor, who feels that writing also brings out the best in an actor and makes him think differently. "Writing also gives an actor the edge and brings out a different dimension. We can choose from whatever character we want to play and tweak it according to our personality," says the actor, adding, "I like writing and I constantly keep doing it as I enjoy the process. I enjoy living in the universe of my characters. Writing helps me support and enrich the actor in me."

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