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‘We can still lead a good life in lockdown’

Published Jun 5, 2021, 8:16 pm IST
Updated Jun 5, 2021, 8:16 pm IST
Actress Raai Laxmi believes humans can adapt to any situation
Laxmi Raai
 Laxmi Raai

Raai Laxmi, who had lost her father to mouth cancer in November last year, has been living alone since. While she admits how frustrating it can get at times with the lockdown and restrictive protocols in consequence to the second wave of the pandemic, she also lets in that we really don’t have a choice but to accept the lockdown life for what it is.

In the same breath, however, the actress tells us that she’s confident that humans can adapt to any uncertainties. “I think I am slowly getting used to the lockdown because we have no choice. In fact, the pandemic has helped us go back to valuing life a little more,” she adds.


Nevertheless, like it has been for anyone else, it has been hard for the actress too.  Waking up to a consistent relay of bad news around the contagion. She’s even bothered by the misinformation on COVID-19 and its vaccines, even by some influential people in the country, which have been adding to a lot of confusion, misconception and misinterpretation.

“We don’t know what to believe, and even I do not have enough information about the vaccines. And the vaccination and cure are getting mixed with politics, which is only adding to the chaos and confusion among people. Added to all this, the news of black, white, and yellow fungus are further scaring people,” she says.


While lamenting on how no one really seems to know what’s really happening around anymore, the actress mourns that there’s not enough motivating good news going around either.

“With the rising demand for medical equipment such as pulse oximeters, oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators, homes have turned into medical shops now,” adds Raai Laxmi sardonically.

“People who seemed pretty chilled even during the first wave are not even stepping out of their homes now. Worse, anxiety levels are so high with people going to the extreme in their attempt to stay safe — be  it excessive use of sanitisers or undertaking self-medication etc.”


Taking the fight head on

Despite the negative situation and the growing fear in our collective fight against the contagion, Raai Laxmi believes that we can still lead a life being in a lockdown.

According to her, people should focus on building one’s personality. “I can’t put down how life on a daily basis would be productive but I feel that loving and embracing yourself is the way forward,” the actress elucidates.

The Where Is the Venkatalakshmi star further  highlights how she tries to stay positive. “I am focusing on my health and my healthy lifestyle — yoga, cycling, playing within my community — is what keeps me rejuvenated,” she states.


Raai urges people to remain sensible and responsible. As she continues to do her bit to at least carry some positive news, Raai tells us that she’s been sharing positive news about how people have been recovering. “While such news makes me happy within, I believe it makes a huge difference to others too,” says the Adhinayakudu actress signs off.

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