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Pregnancy is amazing!'

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Published on: April 5, 2022 | Updated on: April 5, 2022

Though she hasn't been shooting during her pregnancy, Sanjjanaa is kept busy by social media endorsements

Sanjjanaa. (By Arrangement)

Sanjjanaa. (By Arrangement)

Sanjjanaa, a soon-to-be-mom, finds pregnancy an amazing experience. "This was what I needed after all that I went through," she shares, despite the fact that she has been suffering from sacroiliac joint pains and excruciating lower back pain. "I can endure it all because the beauty, excitement and the joy of becoming a mother has taken away all the pain," Sanjjanaa, who is in her 8th month of
pregnancy, says, and hopes the going will be smooth from here on.

Though she hasn’t been shooting during her pregnancy, Sanjjanaa is kept busy by social media endorsements. So, how is she preparing for motherhood, we
ask. Sanjjanaa says that she’s not taking any stress and strain at this point, but is concentrating on embracing the pregnancy experience.

She says her own impending motherhood has increased her respect for mothers. "I thought pregnancy was easy and carrying extra 3 kilos would be a cakewalk. But I have realised it isn’t. My body has gone through several changes; my travel plans too have been changed dramatically. I have had to make a lot of sacrifices and put myself on the backburner, especially being a working woman and that too, in the film industry," she shares, and acknowledges the part played by her husband Dr. Azeez Pasha’s constant support in her being able to bounce back.


Meanwhile, Sanjjanaa is ecstatic that her younger sister Nikki Galrani is getting
married to actor Aadi Pinnisetty. She’s happy that her little sister is becoming a
‘Tollywood bahu.’

"They have been seeing each other for the longest time, and we always knew that this (wedding) was bound to happen. So the whole family is delighted," shares Sanjjanaa. The couple got engaged recently.

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