Dil Raju thanks actor Ravi Teja and Vishwaprasad

Dil Raju manages to avoid a clash this Sankranthi by deferring the release of 'Eagle'

Leading producer and Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce president, Dil Raju finally managed to convince a producer and actor and avoided a clash of movies during Sankranthi. He thanked actor Ravi Teja and producer Vishwaprasad for deferring the release of their much-hyped film ‘Eagle’ to February 9th. “I am quite thankful to Ravi Teja and the producer for opting out of Sankranthi race,” says Dil Raju, who is a bit relieved since only four films will be released during Sankranthi holidays. “It will give some space for each film and it augurs well for the industry,” he added.

With ‘Guntur Kaaram’, ‘Eagle’, ‘Saindhav’, ‘Naa Saami Ranga’ and ‘Hanu-Man’ set to clash at theatres during the festival, Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce to avoid a clash. Thereafter, Dil Raju began negotiations with producers of five big ticket films. “We received a letter from Telangana distributors and managed to avoid a clash after few rounds of discussions,” he added.

Meanwhile, producer Niranjan Reddy, who made ‘Hanu-Man’, expressed apprehensions about getting fewer theatres in the two Telugu states and particularly in Nizam region. The film slated for release on Jan 12 and bound to get a handful of theatres since Mahesh Babu’s ‘Guntur Kaaram’ is going to take a major chunk of theatres in Hyderabad and other important cities.

Earlier, talking to Deccan Chronicle, director Prashanth Varma reiterated that they would prefer a lesser number of theatres in Telugu states than deferring the release. “We are focused on pan-India release and our Hindi version would be exhibited in more than 1200-odd theatres to woo Hindi film viewers in big numbers. We don’t mind a fewer theatres in Telugu states since we are hopeful of a long run and bound to sway the Telugu audience too,”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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