Ruhani Sharma’s thriller connect

The actress has signed three back-to-back films in the thriller-genre, one of which includes her Malayalam debut.

Post the success of her debut film, Chi La Sow, actress Ruhani Sharma has been on a signing spree. And it would seem that she’s captivated by thrillers.

While her recently launched film in Telugu, produced by actor Nani is a thriller, another of her films, which is supervised by producer M. S. Raju, is also a thriller. And her debut film in Malayalam, Kamala, which is nearing completion, is a mystery thriller!

Dismissing the thriller hat-trick as a mere coincidence, Ruhani says, “I love working in intense love stories and thrillers, but it’s a strange coincidence that I have ended up picking back-to-back thrillers after my debut film. The plotlines of all these films have been very intriguing, and it’s not a conscious attempt.”

The actress then goes on to talk about her role in Nani’s production venture.

“I play a young girl working in a forensic lab. But there’s a lot more to my role than what meets the eye. The interesting twists and turns in the story is what made me sign the film,” she says.

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