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Cops take offence to Pawan Kalyan's Bheemla Nayak song

Published Sep 4, 2021, 6:45 am IST
Updated Sep 4, 2021, 6:45 am IST
IPS officer M. Ramesh believes that Bheemla Nayak’s title song shows cops in poor taste
Pawan Kalyan in Bheemla Nayak
 Pawan Kalyan in Bheemla Nayak

The anthem theme song from Pawan Kalyan’s forthcoming film Bheemla Nayak was released on Thursday to coincide with the actor’s birthday. While the song became an instant rage among fans, it found an objection from an unexpected quarter.

IPS officer M. Ramesh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) East Zone, Hyderabad, believes the lyrics in the song are in bad taste and show cops in a poor light, further clarifying that cops’ jobs were not just restricted to bashing up people.


He tweeted, “15h Thankfully, @TelanganaCOPs are #PeopleFriendlyPolice . We don’t break the bones of those whom we are paid to protect! Surprisingly, @ramjowrites couldn’t find enough words in Telugu to describe the valour of a cop. No mention of service in the song [sic].”

No music to his ears

Talking about the song, Ramesh points out that the entire song talks about cops bashing people, “There was no angle of praising the cops for the kind of hard work and sacrifices they do. In an era where we practice friendly policing, the song tries to project that cops beat people, but we actually don’t! We never beat people.”


Ramesh, nevertheless, also clarifies that he is a great admirer of the lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry garu. “I love his song Pranamam pranamam from Janatha Garage. It’s very inspiring. As a literary lover who’s a great admirer of Telugu language and literature, I also admire Ramajogayya Sastry garu’s lyrics, but I was surprised that he couldn’t find better words to describe cops and their behaviour,” complains the IPS officer.

And especially because the song has got several likes, Ramesh worries that such lyrics may send the wrong signal to the public, who may find it easier to believe that cops always only bash up people.


“There may be one or two instances but generally we don’t beat people, we only register complaints and even follow protocols when it comes to making charges. In fact, there are several things that can praise a cop’s services but there’s nothing of such in the song,” reiterates Ramesh. “I believe music should be based on lyrics and not vice-versa.”

We have high regard for cops: Thaman

In the meanwhile, the song’s composer S.S. Thaman says that they have the highest regard for cops, and that the song arises only out of a situation from the film.


“In the film, Pawan Kalyan is a nature lover (apart from being a cop), and as such he gets himself posted in a green forest. When people try to spoil the peace and environment and irritate him, that’s when we bring out this song,” Thaman elaborates, adding that while they have taken a few cinematic liberties, their intention was never to hurt anyone. “It’s just for the film’s situation, the song has been put up so.”

S.S. Thaman

The composer further revealed that Pawan Kalyan used to even salute the cop uniform before he wore the costume every day. “Playing a cop role calls for utmost responsibility and Pawan garu used to feel inspired donning the Khakis on the sets. Moreover, Pawan garu is someone who respects women, police, etc. So we will never resort to something that invites anything unwanted,” adds Thaman, stating that some of his close friends are cops.


Then, reiterating the whole film unit’s respect for the uniform, Thaman admits that citizens are safe in society because of cops. “So we have the highest regard for them,” he further states.

Thaman also adds that before releasing the song, the team had even done thorough research on the background, appeal and lyrics of the song. “There is also a song in the film that highlights how difficult it is for a cop during the training and what it takes to become a cop,” he reveals.

Director says it wasn’t intentional


Sagaar K. Chandra

Saagar K. Chandra, the film’s director, clarifies that their intention was never to hurt anyone’s sentiments. He also, quite like Thaman, stated that they hugely respect cops and the song was just a situation from the action thriller.

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