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There’s a lot of stress around: Mirnalini Ravi

Published May 4, 2021, 6:58 am IST
Updated May 4, 2021, 6:58 am IST
Actress Mirnalini Ravi opens up about weathering the lockdown and her career plans
Actress Mirnalini Ravi
 Actress Mirnalini Ravi

Mirnalini Ravi was in her grandmother’s house in Puducherry during last year's lockdown. During the current lockdown imposed by the Karnataka Government, she is in Bengaluru with her parents. The actress has been doing her best to handle the situation in a positive way. She shares her experiences and also her thoughts about her career.

“The scenes out there are terrifying,” says Mirnalini. “There’s a lot of stress around, and people are losing their lives. I am grateful that I’m not suffering as much as so many others.” A few of the actress’ relatives have contracted the virus too.


Mirnalini says this time she is more prepared for the lockdown and restrictions on movement, as compared to last year. “Since I know the gravity of the situation, I can better handle it this time,” she says. “At this point of time, I think it is important to take care of people at home and educate everyone on what to eat to improve immunity,” she stresses, and reveals that she has started cooking to beat the stress.

“I check out recipes which are immunity boosters on YouTube. I am also talking to nutritionists to check what we can eat to build our resistance,” says the actress.


Mirnalini was a dubsmash star and she entered showbiz after her videos went viral. She made her Telugu debut in 2019 with Gaddalakonda Ganesh.
Now she has signed two films — the Vikram-starrer Cobra and Vishal’s Enemy.  While the former is a love story, the latter is an action drama.

Mirnalini Ravi

“I play a college-goer in Cobra; it’s a soft-hearted role,” she says. The actress describes Vikram as a ‘sweet’ co-star and reveals that she was overwhelmed to know that he had seen her dubsmash videos.


We ask her what makes Vikram a star. “He wants to be perfect in every scene and doesn’t mind going for any number of retakes,” she says, adding that Vikram’s clinical approach to acting also contributes to making him a star.
It’s been only two years since the actress entered showbiz, and having tasted success, there’s pressure on her to sign more films.

“I don’t sign films just for the heck of it and I am very choosy; I feel quality scripts come with time,” she explains, adding that she wants to do projects that make people remember her.


“I don’t understand this concept of being on a signing spree. It is indeed stressful when people ask why I haven’t been signing any films. I came to the industry with the intention of giving quality content to the audience,” she says.

“My character in films like Cobra and Enemy are the ones which the audience roots for. I just follow my instincts because I have to be happy when I go to the sets,” she says.

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