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Mosh Eligible Bachelor controversy: In Tollywood, footsie isn't sexy

Published Aug 3, 2020, 5:29 pm IST
Updated Aug 3, 2020, 6:59 pm IST
Fans criticise the film’s latest poster, say it’s ‘regressive’ They also target the film’s leading lady Pooja, and Samantha for keeping mum
First look of 'Most eligible bachelor' (Twitter)
 First look of 'Most eligible bachelor' (Twitter)

A couple of days ago, the makers of Most Eligible Bachelor, starring Akhil Akkineni and Pooja Hegde, released a new poster that shows Pooja tickling Akhil’s ears with her feet.

While there were a few who lauded the film’s director Bhaskar for his creativity, fans of the Akkineni clan and other film buffs have strongly criticised the poster, calling it ‘regressive’.


Some fans have also criticised Akhil’s sister-in-law Samantha for maintaining silence over the poster, in view of some earlier comments of hers.

Movie goers who were looking forward to a cool and a stylish poster for Most Eligible Bachelor took to Twitter to express disappointment. Many said they were ‘hurt’ by Pooja’s pose, and described the poster as ‘deeply regressive’ and even ‘degraded’.

Some of the tweets read:

@yskanth Jul 29: Saw a poster of yet to be released #MostEligibleBachelor film. … it is deeply regressive.
@Jithu_Ane_Nenu Jul 29, 2020: It’s deeply regressive L L #MostEligibleBachelor.


@pobunl Jul 29: Endira idi .....We are condemn (sic) this #Most-EligibleBachelor.
ARYA @Cult_Arya: Worst Look Of Akhil Till Date.

Abhi Ram @AbhiRamaKrishn8: Very bad look sir ...we’re fully disappointed with this look...we expected a Super stylish romantic poster from u..but we didn't expected  this type of degraded look ..Better stop hoping on this film and announce ur 5th film sir.

RAGHAVA @raghava216: Isn’t this regressive? Ur bhabhi may feel so.. since she once called this as regressive.

Shanmukha rao chandaka @shanmukharaoch4: Kaalu theeyandi puja gaaru maa ayyagari meedha...memu hurt avthaam.
Power @amnaresh_ht: Ayyagaru medha kaalu pedthava ...thei seyy.
 ... and so on.


Fans question Sam’s silence

Samantha, who is Akhil’s elder brother Naga Chaitanya’s wife, had in 2014, described as ‘regressive’ a poster of Mahesh Babu’s film, 1 Nenokkadine.

The poster showed the film’s female lead Kriti Sanon crawling on the beach trying to touch Mahesh Babu’s feet from behind.

Her comments had irked Mahesh’s fans who trolled her big time.

Now, fans are reminding Samantha about her earlier comment, and have been asking her why she is maintaining silence over this new poster, and not calling it ‘regressive’ too.  


Here’s what Twitterati had to say on the issue:
Aarya SaNju @AaryaSanju1: Haaa Ma hero AA Tho chesinapud matram m. Chupiyav.. Vera hero latho chesinapud matram.. China dress lu.. Legz chupinchadam legz lepadam ilantivi chey.

Optimus-Prime @Stingbee4e: Hope @Samanthaprabhu2 And @Chinmayi don’t deeply disturb now

Tejtweetz @tejaknr1: Ekkada poinaru male supporters & akkeneni fans let’s make some noise mana hero ni heroine kallutho ala touch cheyadam enti

Age factor

Some fans are even questioning the casting of Pooja as Akhil’s romantic pair, on the grounds that she is three years older to Akhil. (While Pooja is 29, Akhil is 26).
Saikumar S @Saikuma43731381: Akhil age 26 and pooja age 29. Why did you select 3 years older actress for Akhil. there are so many young girls below 25 age are in our industry like anu Emmanuel, nivetha thamus mehreen etc (sic).”
Kartheek Bujii @Beedamkartheek2: Not suitable pair @hegdepooja and @AkhilAkkineni8 eddariki 3 years difference Akhil chinnapillavadu 3 years pedda pooja....khaleja combo laga undi... totally disappointed...@NabhaNatesh aithey super pair.....


Anvitha@Aanvitha23 Unless pooja is playing a girl who is older than Akhil in the movie, this looks so odd...

Meanwhile, filmmaker Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam says the poster depicts a casual and modern way of life.

“Everybody has a voice and is putting it out; we just cannot zoom into every issue and that’s the reason why several filmmakers are apprehensive and are refraining from putting out anything on social media,” explains Tharun, adding that he needs to coin a new term for such criticism and trolls.

He feels people are trying to have a discussion and debate on everything on social media. “We have to tone down our moral policing,” he says, adding that such comments would curb the freedom of filmmakers and affect them.