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Love, kindness and patience makes a marriage happy, feel Vishnu, Viranica Manchu

Published Apr 3, 2016, 1:06 am IST
Updated Apr 3, 2016, 1:06 am IST
I haven’t taken Viranica on our honeymoon yet; It is quite difficult. But she loves me unconditionally, says Vishnu Manchu.
Viranica and Vishnu Manchu first met in 2006 at her grandparents’ home
 Viranica and Vishnu Manchu first met in 2006 at her grandparents’ home

Vishnu Manchu and his better half Viranica sum up their marriage when they say: “What was once ‘mine’ and ‘hers’ is now ours. The beauty of being married is we share everything. And we are no more two individuals but one.”

There was nothing starry about the way Vishnu and Viranica met in 2006. “We met 10 years ago, at a party at my grandparents’ home. I was waiting to receive his father, and I saw Vishnu get out of the car as well. And as they say, the rest is history,” says Viranica.


Connecting minds
It didn’t take long for Cupid to strike. “The arrow hit harder once I got to interact with Vishnu. I remember the first time I spoke to him at length. We hit it off at once and I loved that I was able to hold an intellectual conversation with him. But more than that, it was as if I knew him all my life. And we just fit together, like a puzzle.  Cliché, I know. But that’s the truth,” she adds.

10 years of togetherness
This month the couple celebrates 10 years of being together. Viranica says, “I had the responsibility of planning the entire wedding. One thing that kept me going was knowing that we will be married and he will be mine, till death do us part.” She continues, “I was so exhausted after the ceremony. And you know the games they play at the weddings? He was playing hard to get and I just didn’t have the patience. So when I had to put the rice on his head (thalambralu), I just jumped and sat on his lap. It was fun!”  


Even after knowing him so well before marriage, Viranica was nervous. “I was nervous about the responsibilities of a daughter-in-law. Thank God for Vishnu, he helped me adapt to the family easily,” she says.

Most memorable moment

The couple says the hour leading up to the birth of their daughters was the most memorable moment of their married life. “That was only ours to share and cherish.  It was in the delivery room. And he just held my hand through it all,” says Viranica. The couple has four-year-old twin girls, Ariaana and Viviana.


Their secret to a happy married life? Vishnu feels, “No marriage is perfect. There are ups and downs, but love conquers all.” So, how do they overcome disagreements? She says, “We talk things out. We generally write to each other about what is bothering us... and that’s how we work out our differences.”

With so many marriages falling apart around us today, the couple says, “Always try to see the best in your spouse and put their needs before yours. At some point, it will come back to you. Love, kindness and patience are true virtues in a happy marriage.”