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Published on: November 2, 2020 | Updated on: November 2, 2020

Founder of Creative Motors, Kovvuri Suresh Reddy is set to turn a filmmaker

Kovvuri Suresh Reddy

Kovvuri Suresh Reddy

Entrepreneur Kovvuri Suresh Reddy, who founded ‘Creative Mentors’ about thirteen years ago, is set to turn a filmmaker. Suresh had made it to the 2019’s list of ‘Forbes Emerging Global Indian Brands and Leaders’. The 35-year-old shared that he has already commenced the work on three films with directors Pradeep Maddali, Raj Madiraju and Akash Reddy, respectively. "All three films have mystery elements in common, with love and action interspersed appropriately," explains Suresh.

Sharing with us that that filmmaking has always been his area of interest and that filmamker Ramesh Prasad is his inspiration, Suresh tells us the transition into filmmaking was rather seamless. "I have been into the animation industry for several years and have worked abroad for Hollywood films too, so getting into the films here was a smooth transition," he adds.

However, he admits that there is a certain risk factor around the entertainment industry’s success rate. "Since our strength lies in making animation, the content in our films too will give the required adrenaline to the audience, by keeping them on the edge of their seat," he explains.

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