I never thought I would cycle 100 kms: Lakshmi Manchu

The lockdown taught Lakshmi Manchu many beautiful things

Lakshmi Manchu’s latest accomplishment of cycling 100 kms makes her beam with pride. She achieved the feat on Sunday, as part of a fundraising initiative by the Aditya Mehta Foundation (AMF) for para-athletes.

The actress says a lot of practice and rigorous training went into the effort.
“Earlier, I felt I had done everything I wanted to in life. Then the lockdown and the pandemic taught me about more beautiful things (like cycling) to embrace,” the actress says, adding that the cycling event gave her a great feeling of fulfilment.

The ride was flagged off at 5 AM and took the Begumpet-Medchal-Toopran route before turning back. It took 5 hrs and 12 minutes for her to complete the 100-kms ride.

“I never thought I could cycle for 100 kms, especially in my 40’s, after having a kid and coping with the responsibilities and pressure I have. But then I set a goal for myself to be part of the initiative,” she explains.

Expressing the view that parents should set an example for their children, she says, “I believe kids don’t understand if you tell them to learn from someone. They can better connect if you yourself do it. My daughter saw me waking up in the morning and cycling, so she has a strong understanding of what it is about. I want to be the kind of mother who leads by example.”

Lakshmi reveals that she was initially not a sports person, but was always into artistic things. “I never wanted to slog and tan myself,” she laughs, adding that she later became a fitness freak.

“Being out there on the road and the fresh air is just beautiful. Cycling has been a very liberating experience. I believe our body can do so much if we don’t restrict our mind. I shall continue to take part in such inspiring initiatives,” she signs off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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