Theatres Re-Release Hits to Get Viewers

Hyderabad: Following the worldwide lockdown, Telugu cinema faced a daunting task: releasing movies in theatres when audiences got accustomed to OTT platforms. This raised serious doubts about the industry's future.

Despite these challenges, some films, packed with compelling content and star power, injected fresh energy, and money. into the scene.

A new trend of re-releasing blockbuster hits has now emerged, garnering massive response with sold-out shows. 'Happy Days,' a 2007 feel-good movie, is set for re-release on friday, with tickets already sold out at Devi Theatre at RTC crossroads. Similarly, Prabhu Deva's 2004 release 'Premikudu' scheduled for re-release is gaining significant publicity.

Fans are celebrating their favourite heroes' birthdays by re-releasing their blockbuster hits. Industry experts view this trend positively, noting audiences' return to theatres despite the availability of movies on OTT platforms or television.

Balgovind Raj Tadla, owner of Devi 70 mm and Sudershan 70 mm theatres, commented, "Re-released movies are performing well, with most shows sold out. We've had houseful screenings of various blockbuster hits like Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri, Okadu, Dookudu, Junior NTR’s Aadi, Mega Star's Gang Leader, Prabhas' Chatripati and Siddarth’s Oye."

He continued, "This once again proves that good content attracts audiences to theatres."

Movie producer P. Kiran echoed this sentiment, stating, "This trend indicates the revival of the industry, bringing revenue to makers and attracting audiences back to theatres. It's a positive sign, encouraging makers to pursue more projects.

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