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Jasmine Dawda proves she's the kindness keeper and the true future of fashion

Published Sep 23, 2019, 12:59 pm IST
Updated Sep 23, 2019, 12:59 pm IST
Jasmine Dawda.
 Jasmine Dawda.

There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” —Marie Antoinette
As we know, with the increase in the threats facing the environment today, people are leaning more and more towards the nature friendly and the sustainable products. What if we tell you that fashion can be sustainable as well? What if you can make your small little contribution towards the cause of preserving the environment with the fashion choices you make? Oh yes, it’s possible! Sustainable Fashion is a subject that is being highly discussed these days. Lately, a lot of new contemporary, as well as seasoned designers are following the movement, and in the due course are working for transitioning towards the environment friendly methods of creating fashion. It seems that businesses will have to adapt to a more conscious consumer, and they will also have to adapt to how climate change will impact the supply of the raw material.

The shifting climatic boundaries and the extreme weather events have started reshaping the urban areas and the communities, where fashion is consumed the most. And naturally, opportunities would emerge in order to engage these markets with new goods and services, and for brands to take a lead in creating the design-led solutions, being as eco-friendly as possible.
In a similar manner, joining this noteworthy movement is another upcoming - but in no way a novice - the extremely talented, the rising artist and the new edge designer Jasmine Dawda.
In retrospect, turning back a couple of years, Jasmine Dawda had begun to become a prominent face in the fashion industry. Being the winner of the prestigious Gladrags Mega Model in 2000 and later winning the immensely famed Kingfisher Model Hunt in 2005, she also featured in a number of ad films and music videos, making her modelling career soar high, along with many other reputable accolades.

Jasmine’s detailed comprehensive outlook over fashion statements and the sense of style is not merely due to her immense exposure towards the fashion business, but is also a productive outcome of her thorough formal fashion education. She has received education from various esteemed European institutions. In 2014, she enrolled in and studied the courses on business of fashion and the social media of fashion at the Istituto Marangoni, Italy. Then, in 2017, being supremely intrigued with the formal fashion education, Jasmine went to the Central Saint Martins Institute in London to indulge herself in learning about the fashion blogging and the street fashion photography, and in the same year she returned to Italy to further educate herself on fashion and art, and the fashion writing from the Polimoda, Italy.
It was another pleasant surprise to find out that Jasmine and I share a similar taste in coffee. At that brief afternoon meet, Jasmine revealed that it is her admiration towards her idols that has helped shape her approach towards fashion and the ethics of the business. She is a great admirer of the Queen Marie Antoinette who she considers a “fashion royal” which she certainly was in the truest sense. During the time of the revolution, she was held accountable for the country’s financial deficit by the revolutionary tribunal owing to her lavish lifestyle, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that she will remain the epitome of fashion. I also learnt that she is heavily inspired by Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of the Vogue Italia, whose golden curls and sweet smile could be compared to a Botticelli painting. She rode high and flourished exceedingly on the biggest revolutionary wave the fashion industry had witnessed in her time. 

Jasmine absolutely adores the vivacious Anna Dello Russo, who is a creative consultant and the editor-at-large for Vogue Japan as well as the brand ambassador of Instituto Marangoni. As per Jasmine, all these are the personalities who unwaveringly continue to inspire and motivate her to work towards putting in the hard work in creating the most sustainable ethical fashion.
It intrigues me how someone who has travelled the globe and forever lived a luxurious life is so motivated towards a cause that the majority would choose to overlook in exchange for a more commercial one. I presume it to be the result of her humble and dignified upbringing by her parents, in her hometown of Kutch, Gujarat that she is particularly inspired to establish this portal for the women of her motherland who desire and deserve opportunities, even in the small pockets in India. It is her sheer determination and outright dedication that has brought her closer to her objective and ambitions. In spite of being offered several films and serials, she any given day chooses to work with fashion over entertainment. Being a popular model, she was constantly exposed to the fashion industry, and was incessantly surrounded by glamour and the latest trends. Therefore, she undeniably understands the vogue and the most authentic essence of styling and fashion.
Established in a quiet pocket of Mumbai city, Jasmine is all set to build her own design studio which will fulfill her dreams towards creating the fashion and blogging. She plans to include various mediums of styling, grooming and some uniquely created capsule collections in collaboration with various established and emerging brands. She aspires to include more like-minded artistic people to participate in her venture so that they can come together to create the pieces of art that make the world a more prepossessing, humanitarian and environment-friendly place of inhabitance.
The circular economy has been valued as a trillion-dollar opportunity, and brands that start planning, researching and innovating now will gain a market edge with a new breed. This is what Jasmine is aiming for. As low-impact consumerism becomes mainstream and the interest in sustainable processes and products rises, use of other non-biodegradable raw materials will decrease, supporting the initiative of sustainable fashion even further. I really hope the other designers follow the path of sustainable fashion to start a change and help create a better environment. Left me mesmerized in the absolute awe of this captivatingly positive soul, were her parting words:

“It is very easy to complicate anything, just like it is easy to keep everything simple. Why not choose the latter then?” – Jasmine Dawda

These words and your straightforward approach towards life shall always remain as impactful as this afternoon in my mind forever, Jasmine. Here’s wishing you all the good luck for your new endeavour!



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