Setting the stage on fire

Two plays starring children hosted by Samahaara theatre group was the highlight of saturday night.

Lamakaan was bustling with energy and activity on Saturday. What else would one expect, especially when the two plays that were being staged there had a children-only cast?

City theatre group Samahaara, for the first time since it was founded, hosted a theatre workshop with children that culminated into two plays — Wingless and Ek Raja Ki Kahani

No sooner did the show start, than the cultural space was filled with cheer from the audience, as most of the children were making their debut in theatre. Wingless, a play inspired by a book of the same name, revolved around a girl, Chutki, who was not born perfect, but who eventually learns to accept herself.

Mohini Kanumuri, who played Chutki apart from other characters says, “The experience of performing was thrilling. The dialogues were funny so I enjoyed a lot. It was my first play but the workshop helped me a lot, so I wasn’t really nervous and my parents encouraged me a lot.”

If Wingless won the hearts of many, Ek Raja Ki Kahani was not far behind and the audience was thrilled when 20 children put up a spectacular show.

The play was all about a king who forces his people to be ugly and proclaims that he is the most beautiful person in his kingdom, he is later cursed by God. The play revolved around the consequences of the curse. Neha Datla who played the King says, “It was fun. I was a little nervous in the beginning of the workshop, but after two-weeks of practice I got very comfortable. The audience was amazing and the director was very encouraging which made it easier for us.”

Director, founder and president of Samahaara, Rathna Sekhar Reddy was more than thrilled to work with the kids. He says, “It was a great experience. The kids are absolutely brilliant and picked up things fast and they were not nervous when we staged the play.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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