I am a joke factory, says stand-up comedian Kenneth Sebastian

Stand-up comic Kenneth Sebastian is not worried about people stealing his content off the Web as he says that he can always create more.

Kenneth Sebastian is excited about performing in the city. “Although, I haven’t done many shows in Hyderabad, its heartwarming to know that my show was sold out a month in advance. I didn’t know there was so much love for me here,” he says.

Kenneth, who shot to fame after sharing his humorous videos on YouTube, feels that it’s a great level playing field for artistes.

“Artistes should always come out in the open and showcase their talents. Apart from the fact that this platform allows you to do just that, the reach is also insane. The costs of production are also minimal,” he says. But isn’t putting up content on the Internet a risk since it can be used by anyone?

“It is quite a risk. But over the years, I have learnt not to get attached to my jokes or content. Even if someone steals my entire set, I can always write another one as I had created it in the first place. I’m like a factory that can create jokes,” he says.

Over the past few years, the stand-up scene has been on an upswing. But Kenny takes quite an unassuming approach towards it. “I have been in the scene for over five years now and I can tell you that the demand has always been there. Yes, stand-up is hot property now, but when the downswing happens, and it will, only good content will rule supreme,” he says.

Ask him what good content is, and he says, “Something which is timeless, like those sketches on Saturday Night Live or Whose Line is it Anyways? When a joke doesn’t have a shelf life it’s good content.”

Ironically, Kenny never planned to be a stand-up comedian. “It’s true. I always wanted to get into movies. I still plan to script or even direct one someday,” he says.

He also wanted be a musician and has even released an independent album. “Of course it didn’t work. Even during my shows, I would end up joking, leaving the audience wondering if they where in a music show or a stand-up show,” he jokes.

Today, he uses his ability to sing to set himself apart from his peers, he says. He is currently working on a web series. Also, he wants to do a project using animation.

He says, “I really want to make an animated comedy for adults in India. The possibilities with animation are limitless and we have currently limited animation to just children’s comedy.” Kenneth adds that he is also eager to work on a full-length comedy feature.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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