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Entertainment Theatre 14 Aug 2019 Gurbaksh Chahal reve ...

Gurbaksh Chahal reveals ways for boosting growth through marketing intelligence

Published Aug 14, 2019, 11:39 am IST
Updated Aug 14, 2019, 11:39 am IST
With RedLotus, Chahal aims to completely revolutionize the digital marketing field.
Gurbaksh Chahal.
 Gurbaksh Chahal.

Marketing has come a long way since its advent in the late 18th century. Traditional marketing methods have been replaced with marketing intelligence and the results are phenomenal. Marketing intelligence has made it possible to crunch huge amounts of information into vital data, which helps advertisers reduce costs and save money and provides more effective results. The data that could take hundreds of years for humans to procure can be collected in mere minutes, all through the power of Marketing Intelligence.

Founder RedLotus, Gurbaksh Chahal is at the forefront of utilizing marketing intelligence in helping businesses grow. The Indian-American entrepreneur started his first venture, ClickAgents in 1998,and since then he has founded multiple ventures for providing marketing and advertising solutions using AI. His latest company, RedLotus, uses marketing intelligence to help brands reach out to new audiences by combining data, creative and media execution.
“With RedLotus you can combine branded content with programming to create outcome driven advertising. This is all driven by Artificial Intelligence, with metrics, brand safety, fraud detection, ad placement, all taken care of,” says Chahal.Through RedLotus, Chahal has helped multiple brands find new customer bases, emulate campaigns from competitor trial and error and increase their ROI considerably.


“Marketing intelligence has helped provide insights which a single digital advertiser cannot manage. All this data helps find traffic sources, learn about a competitor’s mistakes and also reducing manpower costs considerably. It’s essentially 100 times better than traditional methods as it saves time and money while also providingmore accurate results,” says Chahal.
From Programmatic Video, ConnectedTV, Influencer Marketing to an Enterprise Class Customer Data Platform,RedLotus offers a variety ofsoftware and advertising cloud products to its clients.Over the past few years, it has gathered worldwide recognition and acquired numerous major accolades. From Campaign Asia, Mob-ex to Media Excellence and more, Chahal’s venture has bagged many awards for its innovative marketing campaigns.


Chahal’s years of expertise in marketing and AI application has profited multiple brands across the world. With RedLotus, Chahal aims to completely revolutionize the digital marketing field. The entrepreneur has a great fan following too, and has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s chat show and the popular reality show The Secret Millionaire.

Chahal urges more entrepreneurs to opt for Marketing Intelligence in their marketing plans. “Many entrepreneurs don’t know it yet but marketing intelligence is a very important part of a company’s marketing plan. Reliable and high quality marketing intelligence can do wonders in terms of business turnover,” Chahal said.


Through RedLotus, Chahal is helping brands across the world create compelling and engaging messaging by using enablement tools and CDP. For a business to be successful it must keep up with the market trends and opt for the latest and most relevant technology. Through the offerings of his company, Chahal makes it possible for these businesses to maximize their profits. With a foresight and planning capacity like this, we can expect a lot more in the future from Gurbaksh Chahal and his intelligent marketing platform RedLotus.